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  1. Our troop really stresses the importance of a Boy Run troop. They are really responsible for everything except money management; even then, they are instructed to find out who paid to alert the treasurer so they know who owes for trips. Otherwise, the SPL and Green Bar plan all of the meetings. The SPL even organizes special guests such as local fire departments or EMS squads willing to do demos. Trip itineraries are always planned by the Green Bar as well. In my experience, especially when I was in their position a few years back, the more responsibility a scout is given, the more h
  2. This seems like a really good idea. Our troop has always had a simple no electronics policy on camping trips. Of course, cell phones, CD Players (When they were relevant), and iPods were always snuck in, but that seemed to be part of scouting culture as lots of troops acted the same. Now, kids too frequently use the devices. Previously, they would only be used after lights out. I hope to see stricter policies in the troop so kids can really enjoy the outdoors.
  3. I agree with the above poster. I am currently an MIS student in college, and we have really been stressing cloud computing. Google Docs is a great choice for spreadsheets. It is versatile and most people know how to use it. Additionally, there are so many macros and formulas you can use to automate things, it's really a great choice.
  4. Hello from Staten Island, New York! I'm a young scouter, turning 19 in September. Just made Eagle last year and wanted a place to discuss scouting. I've remained active in my Troop with some of my fellow Eagles and visit whenever I'm back from college. Hope to share some great tips from my Troop as well as learn from others! Preparing to go on a canoe trip at TMR this weekend. Gotta finish up some business for clients before then Cheers!
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