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  1. yes that is true it is a different password for the jumpstart but once u get into it it show the other password smithrene
  2. i am haveing trouble getting into the password area also and i have gone into the jumpstart to get the correct spelling and it still dont let me in
  3. Hello Wes. I am from Troop 1 also. In the 90's I would like to say that it was a very sad day when my mother got the phone call about Roscoe's passing. He made me the man I am today as being a Roundtable and a unit commissioner. I was able to say by to him. When I was in the Troop Roscoe encouraged me to go for my Eagle. I was the last one he put through to get my eagle in troop 1 i was also in charge of his color guard.. I thank Roscoe for being the leader he was. I can only hope I am half the leader he was.. Rene Smith BSA troop 1 Santa Barbara 1990 to 1998
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