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  1. I personally believe that global warming is the catastrophe du jour. In the 80s, it was global cooling. In the 90s, it was the hole in the ozone layer. Some climatologists have found a slight warming trend since such things were recorded. Recently, certain politicians and activists have claimed that this warming trend is caused by human being's use of carbon-based resources. On the other hand, some paleoclimatologists have found a cyclical trend over many centuries, which would mean that humans have nothing to do with it. The thing to be wary about in this debate is that each side has an
  2. I hemmed the bottom of the pants. With the zipper problem, I left it alone. The hem doesn't go all the way around and the zipper is folded over at the bottom, but you can't really tell unless you really look. Also, definately try on a couple of different pairs at the Scout office. I bought a pair and didn't try them on and they were about 6 inches too long. I took them back and tried on another pair of the same "size" and they were only about 2 inches too long.(This message has been edited by SMDaveAZ)
  3. I was just asked to be the Scoutmaster of a very small troop (Troop 61, Grand Canyon Council). Its mainly small because they haven't had much of adult leadership in the last couple of years. I was previously on the Committee and volunteered to help where I could. It wasn't long before they asked me to be the SM officially. I was in Scouting as a boy, but am a little overwhelmed about being an "adult." I've recently taken FS, NLE, LS, and OLS and plan to take WoodBadge in 6 mos or so. I have a passion for Scouting (even though I'm still learning) and am trying to help these boys "catc
  4. A couple of uniform comments. I know I was a geek in HS, which, by the way, wasn't that long ago, but I wore my uniform to school a few times. Mainly for class pictures. (I think I stopped after my freshman or sophomore years) I loved it. Even after I stopped wearing my field uniform, I still always wore camp staff or OA t-shirts. What was even better was when some of the kids in my class would come up to me and ask what some of the badges meant. Also, I always went into the store either before or after scout meetings to get something and the same thing would happen there. Fast forwar
  5. A couple of observations from having these for a few activities: 1) The sizing is kinda odd to me. I bought a size 30" XL and was absolutely swimming in them (I normally wear a 42 X 29, which should work). I took them back and got the exact same size and they fit much better. So, those who are saying they're too big or not big enough may want to try another pair. By the way, the length is really long still, but I plan on shortening them by cutting off an inch from the top of the leggings and reattaching the zipper. 2) The shorts are really short. I normally wear my shorts aroun
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