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  1. I, for one, was sad to see BSA authorize Webelos to wear the tan shirt. All through life special occasions are marked by the purchase of a new outfit. First day of school, first communion, prom, etc. Being able to purchase that tan uniform shirt for that first Troop meeting made it all that more special to the boys. But no one asked my opinion. Our Pack has always just brought a Webelos scout into the Tiger room and said "picture your son this size and buy your shirt accordingly". We have Tigers and Wolves with shirts down to their knees, but most make it to graduation with one uniform.
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    I attend our district's roundtable and have also attended in other districts of our council. Very seldom are these meetings any more than a waste of time. Who has a good roundtable and what are you doing that works?
  3. We have tried to have the older boys teach and they got together and told us adults that they want to spend at least half of their time doing more advanced things, not just bringing the younger ones up the ladder. I was actually proud of them for making a group decision like that and presenting it to us. Now we have sections of our meeting with everyone together, then groups break off to do rank appropriate things, then everyone comes back together at the end. It has helped keep everyone advancing without any boredom.
  4. We do some merit badges at meetings, but only for the boys Star and above. It gives them something of their own to work on, while the younger boys are doing skills instruction for the lower ranks.
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