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  1. I don't think involvement should be too much of an issue, but my idea was to make it voluntary. So that "another meeting" feeling shouldn't be that big of an issue. Am I being naive? My first thought was to invite a few SPLs from other troops that I met to share ideas, but I think it'd be better if I could get it to be a district-wide event. That leads me to my other question, should it be district or council-wide? Also, how would I present the idea to a committee? Would I just show up for a meeting?
  2. This is just a thought I had. During NYJLT and the SPL meetings at Summer Camp, I realized the benefits of gathering the boy leaders of different troops throughout the area. Wed compare methods of dealing with troop issues, favorite camping spots, etc. (Sort of like this forum) These meetings were for reasons besides our conversations, so we didnt get time for anything too in-depth. So, I thought it would be cool, if SPLs (and their ASPLs maybe), had a meeting specifically for these types of conversations. Leading a troop is learned through experience; why not learn through the exper
  3. Scotiacat, I'm from the Pioneer Valley Council, Knox Trail District. Isn't it confusing how that have both KT District and Council? Moses is a good camp and I would recommend it; we go there for summer camp. I wouldn't mind camping there for a troop campout, but it's also where our camporees are. We will probably go to Summer Camp there also. We've thought about the Falcons scout night, but all the boys did it in cubs (multiple times). I've haven't heard about that speedway though; free is always a good thing. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks again guys. I was going to say I was suprised by your helpfulness, but then I remembered I was in a scouting forum (A scout is helpful). johndaigler, Thank you, but you're way too kind. Your experience (648 posts) shows that you probably have more posting knowledge than I do. (Then again, the idea of posting knowledge sounds sort of ridiculous) Anyways, your suggestions were great, but the attitude of your post reminded me of something more important. Enthusiasm is contagious. If I go to the PLC with even half of your enthusiasm, I will probably have no trouble getting id
  5. Thanks everybody. Scoutingagain, our troop is of moderate backpacking skill. We have a few of our more senior scouts who did a 50 miler (actually more like 60, due to a certain ASM's map reading error), on the Appalachian Trail last year, but also a lot of first and second year scouts. Your suggestion sounds great though, especially for an earlier in the year trip. I was wondering how I'd go about getting a campsite though, I am trying the Massachusetts Dept. of Conservation and Recreation website; although it shows Mt. Washington State Forest; it doesn't show where I can camp there. If anyone
  6. As far as I know, OA sashes are usually only worn for OA events. Our troop has always handled the cross-overs, so nobody wears sashes. At least, as far as I can remember. The only situation I can think of where an arrowman would wear the sash at a non-OA function is if he was representing the OA, but I'm not sure.
  7. Thank you. I think I'll be able to use most of your suggestions in your troop. I think I now pretty much know how to run the planning meeting itself, but I was wondering if any of you had some original ideas for program content. I know the PLC will be able to plan a good program; I'd just like some ideas to get the ball rolling.
  8. I feared I might sound arrogant when I wrote my post, but the old SPL has himself admitted that he wanted the job only to feel superior. It's a bit hard to condense a situation which had taken several years to happen in one post. This SPL would demand scouts to eat pine needles. Although he was often ignored in these situations, his outbursts of rage afterwards often drove some to obey. I once had a conversation with him where he likened the scout troop to a kingdom and the boys to his army. Perhaps I did exaggerate a bit by saying "stupid egomaniac" etc. so ,but I am still angry that anyone c
  9. I forgot to mention that the pack does put on it's own crossover ceremony during the Blue and Gold banquet, but the ceremony is (for the lack of a better word) boring and adult-centered. I'd like to do something in front of the pack, but the Cubmaster and other adult leaders there haven't been very receptive to the troop's suggesstions before. The adult volunteers in the Cub Scout pack also tend to treat 2yr Webelos as the end of Scouting. They like to treat the pack as a independent body unattached from the troop. I could try doing something with them, but I think the affect of a boy-run cere
  10. Thanks a lot for your ideas, keep them coming! The OA ceremonies team sounds like an option, but the OA lodge in my area is rather unorganized. The old lodge chief who kept everything running became a section chief, and then the region chief, things started falling apart. The troop has sent boys to different OA events recently. They have been chaotic at best, non-existent at worst. About 3 boys went up to the council reservation for a fellowship weekend; when they arrived there was nobody there. After calls to many people involved in the lodge, it was discovered that the event had been cancele
  11. Our troop does have a few den chiefs, but I think the den leaders and using them more as go-fers than as leaders. Practice and Planning is part of my plan. In years past, there has been minimal practice. This year, I'm considering creating a Ceremony committee and open it up to all interested. Our troop right now has more willing and capable people than patrol/troop offices, so I figured creating the committee would also be a way of involving some boys who want some more responsibility. The "committee" would also, once the ceremony is set, pick their roles and practice regularly. As
  12. This year my troop recieved and retained about 8 cub scouts. After about 5 months they are now fully accepted and participating troop members. However, it took them a while to make the actual transition from a adult-led program to a boy-led program. Some had issues at first with taking directions from other boys and cooking/cleaning for the patrol on campouts. Not that they weren't capable, but because they didn't understand the responsibilities of being a patrol member and a boy scout. They still expected Boy Scouts to be a lot like Cub Scouts. I think part of this was because of a rather slo
  13. Hello, I am the SPL of a boy-led troop in Western Massachusetts, near the Connecticut border. I have served for about 5 months. The troop was in decline (general chaos) when I was elected because of a lack of leadership. The core group of older boys were now 17, and starting to spend less time in scouting (as expected). The old SPL was replaced by a young egomaniac who wanted the position without the responsibilty. Our troop suffered losses during his short term, not only in membership, but in dignity. I was never sure whether it was better when he was leading us (even though, he led us
  14. I once read a quote from Baden Powell, it was something along the lines of 'The Patrol Method isn't just one way of running a scout troop, it is the only way.' If the boys elect a bad leader, they will realize it, and not re-elect that scout. In my troop, we had a decent SPL who ran the troop for many terms. When he became too old, another one was elected because he was the only one the youngest scouts knew who ran. He was an awful leader; within fifteen minutes two-thirds of the troop wanted him to resign (no exaggeration). The situation was calmed down by his ASPL (me). Although I agreed he
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