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  1. I am looking for information on spring roundup of Cub Scouts. I welcome all pros and cons.
  2. shark

    Spring Roundup?

    All of the BSA programs are considered year round. Some packs do not meet in the summer much. The BSA created the Summertime Pack Award to recognize those that do run active summer programs. I prefer to run a program that is totally year round. Dens should meet weekly and the pack once a month even in the summer. All other activities can be run between these times. Many packs send their boys to Daycamps that are organized by the Districts in each Council.
  3. shark

    Spring Roundup?

    A Spring Roundup is used in the school system to recruit new cub scouts. In the United States, we will sign up new scouts at the beginning of the school year. Usually, several Kindergarten age boys ask about joining the Tiger Cub program. They are turned away because they are not in the first grade. These boys usually don't get the opportunity to join until the next fall when school starts. If signed up in the spring they could participate in activities over the summer break that would provide the Fun of Scouting.
  4. shark

    Uniform Costs

    Sorry to say this, but the uniform prices are too high. I have been active in scouting since the second grade. There was no tiger program then. I am a third generation Eagle, and have an older son who just earned his Eagle. I have stayed active in the scout movement and look forward to my other two sons climbing the trail as well. I refuse to pay $30.00 for a pair of shorts that my eight year old will wear for approximatly 6 months. I don't agree with the price structure at all. I beleive that this prevents units from Quality status, because they don't feild 100% uniformed scouts. We must make this known to the national office.
  5. shark


    I am the advancement chair and records keeper for my pack. We use packmaster, and I think it is the best. I looked at several other programs before recommending this one to the committee. It does require you to be on top of the input of information.
  6. shark

    Spring Roundup?

    I am looking for ideas from units who use or have used spring roundups. Pros and cons wanted.