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  1. I know the facts-no dark hints-just want to know the best needs of the troop and if there is a way this leader doesn't need the recognition of a great gift like wood badge beads Lisabob.
  2. I believe first reference of "shut up" was from GW Yes the issues are genuine. Scouts are first. Not the needs of one leader to take and make lies to fit his or her needs for themselves. Playing games is not the issue-the faith and beliefs of young men are.
  3. I know a leader who is in woodbadge, about ready to complete his "ticket" items, but his morals around scouts is questionable. Nothing to do with the kids but the fact of his personal questionable "married family life" as been around scouts. Wood Badge should be something people around those in Wood Badge give not a questionable leader gets for completing his "ticket" items that may be done but other factors as the quality of a leader.
  4. "Shut up" by Gold Winger Wow so (dip)liomatic Maybe the needs of 1 (Gold Winger) needs to be contolled to the needs of protecting Scouts.
  5. While I will tell you the fact that if it is me or not me the Scouts will be better off if the current SM is out of his post. We have made so many suggestions to have our current SM, let the boys lead the troop, here are sugestions to follow, here are quidelines we need to follow, his response, yeah I want to try that. It lasts for a meeting or two and the meetings are run nice and smooth. Then its back to 10 minuntes of meeting and the rest is play time. Then when we need to go somewhere we ask questions and its all hurry up and we don't know and we should have done that. We paid for se
  6. I did answer this once but it didn't post. I have been in scouts many years, been to many trainings. I was in this same troop many years ago when the previous SM was asked to leave from poor performance. I still talk to this man today and he said he was tired but didn't know it and glad we helped him out. So sometimes from the outside looking in, I took three years off, you see the light more than when you stand in the light. We have people that are okay with the way things are going and people that have left the troop because they don't like the way things are going. Am I better maybe ma
  7. Hope so, I know a man that would fail at trustworthy, loyal and reverent. In front of Scouts.
  8. I want to help with Scouts by being ScoutMaster. My son is in Scouts and I want to help him and all the boys advance to the best potential. How do I put my name in to be Scoutmaster?
  9. My daughter stopped going to meetings and has interest in other items. She then got on an explorer group. We asked for her scout account money to be transfered to the explorer group. he leader said we spent all the money and have only about $10 left in the whole account. What if she rejoined the group, we still get paperwork for the GSUSA. Is that money she is owed for selling?? Should I go higher in the GSUSA and find out?
  10. Look at the name callers in Scouts, that might be the scary part. TRUSTWORTHY A Scout tells the truth. He keeps his promises. Honesty is part of his code of conduct. People can depend on him. LOYAL A Scout is true to his family, Scout leaders, friends, school, and nation. HELPFUL A Scout is concerned about other people. He does things willingly for others without pay or reward. FRIENDLY A Scout is a friend to all. He is a brother to other Scouts. He seeks to understand others. He respects those with ideas and customs other than his own. COURTEOUS A Scout is polite t
  11. Thanks for all the insights and wisdom. Still don't know what will happen or be done. Signing off Scoutingtexas!!!
  12. lets just say one is married one not.
  13. Thanks for all the thoughts and wisdom. Now consider one of the friends is female. Not from our council or district.
  14. I am part of this group, ASSM, parent or member of society, I can, and will do whatever it takes to protect our Scouts. I will add forms or paperwork to protect our Scouts at any cost! Fire an SM no or yes but he will not expose scouts to immoral values. I will refuse visitors that do not hold up to Scouting values. I want to protect my friend but the Scouts are the important ones!!!
  15. I know we have other troubles but just wanted a way to tell an old friend what he did was wrong. The coffee thing didn't work. Am thinking about getting to the SO and tell them top make a review of the people in key situtions. What to do when someone is using Scouts for their own enjoyment.
  16. They used their own tents. They ate with us, we brought food for the meals as did another troop, I know they didn't bring anything. One contributed to the group, but was invited last time we went somewhere and rode with us and never paid any expenses from the last trip. I was stuck with that. I asked the SM if he/he was going to pay this time, he just kind of blew it off and said why, he didn't pay last time. I said nope and nothing was said about it again. The other was just a friend of the SM and didn't do anything except take time and equipment from what the boys were doing. Okay as an ASSM
  17. We are ASSM and the committee. I just want to know if visitors on campouts that really have nothing to do with our group need to be preapproved by the committee or should be just asked to leave. Our SM organized this event so he thought he was in charge and could do what he wants. The only reason one was invited by the SM beacuse of friendship the other was more of an "expert." I think one of our visitors filled out paperwork but don't know to what extent in his/her own council the other I don't know for sure, we didn't know they were going to be on our campout and it was thrown on us. How m
  18. Does anyone have a visitor form for when someone outside the troop visits on a campout. I am just wanting to prevent visitors invited by our scoutmater who thinks HE owns the troop and we have no say. He has invited people from outside our coucil and one I have known before but don't know if he is registered with Scouts. I will be making sample ones and will post. Thanks for help.
  19. I would like the flags on BSA shirts, that are on the right shoulder to have the blue field forward. Why does BSA go against the "blue field closest to the heart" rule of wearing the flag?" How can we get this passed as a rule to be done?
  20. what about two "friends" come on a campout. Seperate tents. One married one not. Don't want too many details
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