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  1. You may also want to check out the Entrepreur Merit Badge, where one of the requirements is to start a business and keep records. SA
  2. We recently returned from a statewide jamboree. At the jamboree there were a number of rock climbing walls available for the scouts to try. They were very popular and lines were long. Because of the lines scouts were usually given one shot at the wall. If they fell (They were tethered to a line that lowered them slowly) they had to give the next scout a try. One of our new scouts (11 yr old.) waited patiently in line. When he was given his turn he was directed by one of the guides to the more difficult section of the wall. He tried, but got maybe a half a step up and then fell. I c
  3. Thanks everyone. There are some good ideas here. I've looked at some possible hikes in the Berkshires(western, MA) mainly because the elevation changes are not as challenging as VT, ME or NH. We could also fit a trip in this fall without snow maybe. (It snowed in northern NE over the weekend.) I was hoping someone had a specific trip they had done. If it helps, we are in eastern Mass, but most of our trips are in New Hampshire. The only other caveat I need to add is, I have approached the troop in the past about sending a crew to a high adventure base, but many balked at the cost. I kno
  4. Hello all. Since I've returned to scouting as an adult after an absence for sometime I've been monitoring the forums and have appreciated much of the information that has been posted here. I have not had the need to post directly since many of my questions have been addressed in other topics and discussions. I've been waiting for someone to ask this question, but have finally decided to step forward and ask. As a former scout who attended Philmont many years ago, and did some backpacking in New Hampshire I believe backpacking or other high adventure activities provides scouts with an o
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