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  1. I am working with a new Pack that has 4 Tigers, 2 Bears and 1 WEBLOS. The Cubmaster wants the pack to succeed and so does the Charter Organization. The boys come from an economically disadvantaged area (no uniforms) but seem to enjoy what has been done so far. They do not have dens set up they just meet as one group every week on Sunday afternoon (working on their Bob Cat rank right now). Beside an interested Charter Organization, committed Cub master and his wife they dont have any other actual leaders working with the scouts. The Cub Master has taken all the on-line training he can so that
  2. To answer a few questions that have been raised, yes it is the Commissioner Staff that is working on this problem. Also we don't have a course at our University of Scouting that pertains to running a good Pack Meeting. What we are finding out is that the Cub Masters and others within the Pack leadership only know how the Pack Meeting have been run in the past and continue making the same mistakes year after year. Most will not go to any supplemental training to learn how to do it better because they don't know it can be better. What we have in mind is making a DVD of a "staged" Pack Meeting, s
  3. our district's staff. We have noticed that a lot of unit (Cub) don't know how to do a good Pack Meeting which then leads to es not showing up and eventual the units dropping scouts. We are trying to come up with solutions to what seems to be a common problem.
  4. I am looking for help in developing a program for cub scout units in trouble. What do you consider an important part of a "good" Pack meeting? How do you keep the pack meetings moving along and keep everyone involved? We are looking to set up a Pilot Training Program for running an effective Pack Meeting and I want to use all the ideas I can.
  5. Also check out our website (http://www.danbeard.org/) for more info on the camps and program. Have fun!!!
  6. just sit back and enjoy. Cub world is a great camp and the camp staff is just great. Camp is pretty open as far as the layout. Just above Cub World is Upper Craig and Friedlander which is a full service Boy Scout Summer Camp. You might want to stop by Loveland Castle which is close by on you way home. It is a castle built from stone that was removed from the Little Miami River which flow by the castle. On Saturdays they have tours thru the castle. You could also stop by our Scout Service Center, you have to see it to believe it, just great. Welcome to Cincinnati, we are glad to have you.
  7. As with anything you have been involved with for many years there will be embarrassing moment and events, sowhat was your most embarrassing thing in scouting. Mine was back in the mid 90s, I was scoutmaster of a troop of about 40 scouts. I had very good help and support from my five assistant scoutmasters, one of which really liked to work with the new scouts to earn their Toten Chip. On this particular campout we had probably six or seven scout that had just crossed over from cubs and he wanted to get them off on the right foot. He set up an axe yard and then instructed the scouts to fi
  8. The problem today is that so many "trained" leaders have to move away or leave the unit each year. No sooner do you get everyone trained, one leaves. It is an ongoing battle that the new requirements should hopefully resolve. We now insist that all den leaders have at least one "trained" assistant in each den not just parents helping out. It makes the parents take ownership of the dens and pack, not just sit back and help from the sidelines.
  9. Thank you Eagle92 the for forms. I also remembered it is in the back of the Cub Scout Leaders Book. The way I read the 100% requirement is that you have to "3. Attain 100% trained leadership within the pack for the committee chairman, Cubmaster and all the den leaders." It doesn't say that the duration is two years, just that you attain the 100% at some point during your two year tenure. Am I reading it right or am I mistaken in my assumption.
  10. Does anyone know if there is a form (like the Den Leader Award Form) for the Pack Trainer Award? I have looked at National's web site and my local Council's web site to no avail. Help!!!!
  11. The only place I know where names are listed is under the transpotation section where you list who is driving and all the required information on the car and so on. Maybe only 10 scouts were listed on the permit and more showed up making the permit incorrect. I don't know the exact details of the incident. My point has always been insurance companies will try and find a way to deny the claim if the can so make sure all your ducks are in a row. It might also be that the car the scout and parent that were injured wasn't listed on the permit. Don't know.
  12. When I fill out a permit I aways add extra scouts to cover those who decide to go afterall. As far as drivers, we have all new scout parents fill out a form which includes all their cars, driver licence info. and insurance info., which is then included in our master list. I attach the master list to the permit when I turn it in and I also have a copy of that list stamped as received and staple it to the botton half of the permit. Cover all the bases!!!!
  13. My main concern isn't my unit because we do pull a permit but is the misinformation that may be delivered at training. All the information I have seen on BSA insurace states it is a policy thru an insurance company and not directly funded by the BSA. That being said I sure would hate to be the poor individual or CO that thought they were doing right by not filling a permit, have a serious accident and be sued only to find out the insurace company found a loop hole to deny the claim because the GTSS says you have to do so.
  14. Sorry Scoutnut, my last post should have been addressed to AlFansome. I will be the first to admit my screw up many as they are.
  15. Scoutnut, not to argumenative but it is requires, BSA Rules and Policies: Bold type throughout the Guide to Safe Scouting denotes BSA rules and policies. If you look at the GTSS Tour Permits and the launguage I quoted is in bold print thus making it a rule and policy. If in fact it was only a tool to prepair a safe outing then why has National gone to the trouble of putting it in bold print in the GTSS? Words do have meenings and legal interpritations also have an impact on insurance claims. I deal everyday with contracts, and specifications and know quite well the meening o
  16. Maybe I need to be more specific, I am referring to a Pack event not a den event. GTSS references a den trip not needing a tour permit, but it's reference to a "Unit" needing one is quite clear. And as far as the need to yell, yelling is only required when you can't make your point on the facts and need to overpower your opponent with noise. I do insist our Pack fill out a Permit for everything but when new leaders go to training and are told it isn't required it makes it very difficult to enforce the policy. "If a trainer said it was ok then it must be".
  17. correct me if I'm wrong but if it is in GTSS then that is the law, correct? It clearly state any trip outside of your home base. I didn't think local councils could alter the GTSS. As far as getting an answer from council good luck with that one, if they don't put it in writing then you can't hold them to it. As far as insurance companies, they look for any excuse to get out of paying.
  18. I am in complete agreement with all of the above, what bothers me is when people who are leading the training sessions tell all the new leaders they don't have to worry about it as lone as they are in council's boundary. If something was to occur these people could be left high and dry.
  19. I have a question on tour permits and cant seem to get a definitive answer. If you refer to the Guide To Safe Scouting it states If a unit plans a trip within 500 miles of the home base, it is important that the unit obtain a local tour permit. and Most short, in-town den trips of a few hours do not require a tour permit; however, it is recommended that dens obtain permission slips from parents.. Please define what Home Base means to you and if in fact any time your Pack goes anywhere other than you current meeting location you in fact need a Tour Permit. The insurance information provided on
  20. My wife is a Tiger cub den leader (a great one in my opinion) and she printed up each line of the "law of the pack" in a different color and a large font(the first line was red, the next blue and so on). She then cut the lines up into the words and put them all into an envelope. With their parents help them put the sentences back together. She did this with the promise, and the law and it seemed to help them.
  21. Thanks all for your help, I fowared the info to the leader and hopefully it works out
  22. I have a WEBELOS den leader who signed up for outdoor training next weekend and was just notified that the training has been canceled. They offered to transfer her registration to the following weekends training but she already had plans that she can't get out of. We are in Dan Beard Council and I am looking for Webelos Leaders Outdoor Training in the Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana area for any weekend but the 24th. She is real disappointed because she really wanted to take this training so she can put on an outdoor program for her WEBELOS. HELP!!!!
  23. Gentlemen, and ladies can we please keep this civil? The question I raised was asking for input on the state of training today and in the past, I feel both have positive and negative aspects. I really dont want this to turn into trashing other people or their ideas and opinions. Constructive criticism is appreciated though. Thank you.
  24. In your opinion how has training changed over the last 25 years, and has it been for the better. When I started out 23 years ago as a WEBELOS den leader I went to all the training that was available. Fast Start was put on at a local church or school and after you watched a video you could ask questions. Basic Training was put on twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. It wasnt unusual for up to 100 volunteers to show up to be trained on a Saturday. The training lasted 6 to 7 hours with a lunch break in the middle. In the morning we were trained on general rules and policies of s
  25. I believe the intent is to have the scouts active all summer in scouting. The way we are going to do it is count the scout active for the month if they attend at least one activity in that month. Attending three activities in one month and not attending any more for the rest of the summer doesn't qualify.
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