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  1. Looks like they implemented an off the shelf (and pricey) Content Management System called SiteCore (http://sitecore.net/Products/Sitecore%20CMS.aspx). YIS, Phillip Zedalis Lead Developer - ScoutData.Com http://www.scoutdata.com
  2. I am curious how you enforce the "leader must CC another leader" because that's almost impossible to enforce. Youth protection issues aside (which can be debated endlessly), I am curious what you hope to gain from a forum. Is this for communication between troops in your community, then perhaps its an issue the District should tackle and you should leave the youth out of it all together. If it's only for your unit... well I'd advise against it. Nothing that can't be accomplished in a forum for a local group like a Scout unit can't be accomplished in a better, more personal,
  3. Java is an older technology, and can be free if hosted on an Apache server (or other open source tools) or can be hosted by vendors such as IBM WebSphere or Sun Microsystems (inventor of Java). ASP (ASP.NET specifically) is the same thing my site uses (ScoutData.Com) and it's a Microsoft solution. It's newer, they recently just released the latest 2008 editions of the development, database, and server environments. However, the Microsoft stuff can generally cost a great deal more (unless you are using the IBM Java solution), but being a non-profit, is difficult to speculate. What i
  4. ScoutNET is indeed a show stopped for some, however not all units/councils utilize it, so it's not the end of the World. *Shameless plug* My software will be able to import ScoutNET files, but not export. The reason is, BSA has allowed TroopMaster to become a monopoly in the ScoutNET space. There were originally 4-5 software packages that became "ScoutNET" certified, yet only 2 remain; TroopMaster and one as unknown as "Troop Tracker." The direction I took, and personally I believe is the future, is a web based platform with desktop integration, as opposed to a desktop product with web
  5. Thanks for the reply in PM! I understand the policy and apologize.
  6. I posted a legit post about needing beta testers for a new free service I'm offering. I made special effort to not post any links so that any conversation would be PM only. Apparently my post was moved to some private forum because it was considered soliciting perhaps? I'm not really sure. Anyway, I see that various people have responded and I would like to see the replies? Could you notify me via PM or some other means why the post was taken down, and could you send me the replies? I am an Eagle Scout, I was not posting spam on your site. I plan to buy ads once the site launches
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