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  1. "What BB soft ware are you looking at using? Without knowing I can only offer a guess on how much you can turn on and off certain features. If the PM function raises red flags disable it." It's the former EZBoard (now Yuku). It is very flexible with security features. Still exploring them. Haven't found a means to disable PMs, yet. If that's possible, that is the easy answer and the way we'll go. "Whatever software you use I think you should be able to have more than one Admin with access to all information. I've used a bunch of different forum software as a simple member. I've had l
  2. "I am curious how you enforce the "leader must CC another leader" because that's almost impossible to enforce." You're totally right, SD. It's impossible to enforce. Perhaps, "firm rule" was inartful phrasing. Out Troop's leaders are told that it's our Troop's the way to send e-mails to the boys and we all have been following it. It's common sense, really, protecting both the boy and the leader. I know it's routinely done, as I'm frequently the one being "cc'd". But you're right. Just like any other YP rule, if someone wanted to foolishly, or with ill intent, circumvent it, it would be a
  3. Thanks for the Welcome and the replies, folks! Just to clarify, we started a "test board" (and by message board, yes, I meant something exactly like what we are all posting on here, now. ) to see what problems we might encounter, if any, and haven't yet opened the Board in any form yet to the Scouts. We wanted to try to make sure whatever wrinkles needed to be ironed out were before we "opened for business". The Message Board we "tested" also has the capability of "locking out" everyone except those in our Scouting community, so that's not what started us thinking. It also has oth
  4. This has likely been discussed before, but I can't get the search function to cooperate so please bear with me... The Troops in our town were considering creating an internet message board so that our Scouts and Leaders could more easily trade info, ideas and the Scouts could discuss things (both things Scouting and otherwise) thus, hopefully, strengthing friendships. We created a "test" Board and began to kick ideas around. Then, stepping back and taking a critical look at the idea, we immediately began to consider Youth Protection issues. I know there are BSA guidelines for Web si
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