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  1. These reasons still do not lower the programs potential in any way. All the features in the program are amazing and have helped my troop greatly. Also, the program you have developed seems good, if internet connection stays up most of the time. It isn't 100 % reliable, as isn't many things, but at least programs actually on a server or computer can be more reliable than an internet program.
  2. Now I do not know what that means, but if it is a big deal, you may want to email the creator of the program. All I know is it is much more user friendly than Troop Master. There is a 6 month trial download on their site too, if you are hesitant in buying it.
  3. Well Oak, it is a pretty new program. A troop we knew was beta testing it and they told us about it. We switched a few months ago. So far, we haven't experienced many bugs, but the minor bugs we did have were quickly fixed. We get support through the contact page. Troop Master was a good program, yes, but Troop Master is just a big upgrade. I am an Assistant Scout Master in my troop and I interact with it quite a bit. Some things that are better for my troop, since we are kind of low on funding is that upgrades do not cost anything, so it is just a one time fee and there are man
  4. My troop has switched from Troop Master to Troop Tracker, and it has been a huge relief. If anyone knows about these programs, they are basically troop organization programs no troop should be without. Troop Tracker has helped my troop greatly. Hopefully, it will help yours out. Check it out at http://trooptracker.org! Thanks Chase
  5. Was in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and now I help run a troop! Hey everybody.
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