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  1. Do what you think is best for your pack. We don't award them until B&G and then each meeting thereafter. I've even had a couple of instances where the boys didn't earn their rank until mid summer. I know that's not exactly kosher but I didn't think it was right to hold the boys back because their parents kept putting off helping them with the few things they needed to in order for their son to earn the rank.


    We work on arrow points throughout the year and award them at pack meetings after they have earned their rank.

  2. When a new boy joins he pays the registration through the end of the year and has to buy a shirt. From that point on, the pack or CO covers everything. The pack uses popcorn money to pay for books, scarfs, sliders, campouts, den/pack activities, class B shirts, etc. The CO covers all recharter fees. We are very fortunate in this regard.

  3. When a new boy joins he pays the registration through the end of the year and has to buy a shirt. From that point on, the pack or CO covers everything. The pack uses popcorn money to pay for books, scarfs, sliders, campouts, den/pack activities, class B shirts, etc. The CO covers all recharter fees. We are very fortunate in this regard.

  4. We don't have meetings but are doing activities about once per month. We went to resident camp last week, will be going camping next month and have a fun/recruiting day planned for August.


    I like the idea of a "code of conduct" and will be watching the kid closely.


    I asked my son about it in an indirect way and he had no clue what I was talking about.

  5. Thanks for the advice. The fact that it's been an entire month is what is making this difficult. While I would like to do more I don't feel there is much I can do other than call the parent that told me and confirm what I can and then tell the parents of the kid that allegedly had the magazine and basically leave it up to them. I could say something to the kid that brought the magazine but by that time it will have been 2 months and will certainally be a he said she said thing.

  6. OK, I've had time to rant and read the entire thread again with a little less steam coming out of my ears.


    Why the parents didn't tell me, I don't know. I was told this as an "Oh by the way..." as the mother was leaving the 4H meeting. I talked about it with her for about 20 seconds. She said from how her son described it, it was definitely porn. She may have just found out about it herself. I know she didn't find out at the pack meeting. In fact she wasn't even at the pack meeting. She was singing at the grade school graduation. She is a teacher at the local elementary school and has been for quite a few years. I would think she has dealt with issues like this before....That said, she is also extremely religious and her definition of porn may indeed be Mad Magazine or Maxium. I guess my next step should be to call her and confirm what it was and if it was indeed porn I should then contact the parents of the kid that brought the magazine. But it's been so long that I don't know what "discipline" I can give other than the kid aside at the camp out next month (IN CLEAR VIEW OF OTHERS) and tell him that this is inappropriate and will not be tolerated again.



  7. Gee Whiz!!!!....I am a DL and CM because I don't live in an area where we are fortunate enough to have 25 packs with 10 dens each. There is one and only one Pack within 30 miles. The previous year before I became Wolf leader they had one, ONE, meeting and all they did was play Red Light Green Light. At the end of the year the boys were given their Wolf badges (The Wolf leader was also the awards chair). Cub Scouts in the entire community was going down the tubes.


    This is my first year in Scouts. I agreed to be Den Leader for the two, TWO Wolves in my son's den when no one else would step up. Shortly after I did this, the week after training, I was talking with the CM about getting involved in some activities. He said he didn't have time and quit. Again, no one would step up. I guess we should have just folded the Pack right then. I would hate to violate the hierarchy of Cub Scouts. Also about this time the person that agreed to be Bear leader moved. They had not yet had a meeting and it was the first of October. Once again NO ONE WOULD STEP UP so I did yet again. So, I'm now DL for Bears, Wolves and CM. If you don't like it then call our Charter Organization and have our Charter pulled. (Good luck, I'm on their board) Or, better yet come help me.


    Since I have taken over these jobs we have held regular meetings. Gone on three campouts, attended resident camp and taken numerous field trips. The Wolf Pack has grown to 5 kids and there are 3 bears. Two of the three Webelos we had quit when they went on their first campout with the Boy Scouts because they had never done anything outdoors.....That's where I'm at now....


    The "pack" meeting last month was not a typical pack meeting. It was the last meeting of the year and was a pizza party held at a local park. The kids ate pizza and spent a lot of time playing on the playground equipment while I had a meeting with the parents begging them to volunteer. I'm making tons of progress. I've got Tiger, Wolf and Bear leaders lined up for next year. Do any of you want to volunteer to be our Webelo leader???? Apparently it was during this time that the magazine was allegedly brought out.


    Why was I not informed of this until a month later???? I don't know. You'll have to ask the parents. She told me at a 4H meeting. (No, I'm not a 4H leader) It was the first time I had seen the mother since the meeting. We don't have meetings during the summer. Why the father didn't tell me at resident camp two days earlier, I don't know. I do know that there is no bad blood between the parents or the kids. How any of your could assume that is beyond me.


    And, no. I don't know what I should do. If I knew what to do I wouldn't have asked. Had I found out earlier I would have talked with the parents immediately but since I didn't find out for a month it becomes a game of he said she said, diminishes the importance, makes it harder to prove and discipline. Rather then lecturing me on the bureaucracy of Cub Scouts perhaps you could offer some advice on how I should handle this situation.


    I'm done ranting.

  8. We had a magic show also. I guess you could say our theme was magic although we didn't really have one. The kids made top hats as decorations for their tables. It went really well. Everyone got an award and a couple of parents that have attended MANY, MANY B&Gs said it was the best one they had ever been to. We came in at just under 2 hrs and that included the magic show and PWD awards.

  9. Thanks for the responses. The reason for being indoors is because this would the first campout for many (most if not all) of the boys and it is also my first Pack Overnighter. I have no idea what the kids have for sleeping bags etc and hope to use this function to access the situation. The low temperature could be anywhere from 45 to -10 (Currently it's predicted to be a low of 35 but we had no way of knowing that when it was scheduled). Plus, it's not like we are doing this in a church basement. We will be staying at the local Boy Scout cabin. (no plumbing and a fireplace for heat). We will probably do our cooking outside and will play some games outside too.

  10. I've been told there is a pretty detailed history of the building. They have copies of the letters sent to the governors and their responses. They have construction records and a donation list. I guess many people donated nickles and dimes. I'm amazed that they were able to raise the money. After all, it was built during the dust bowl/depression and this area had been in a severe depression for 15 years at the time the cabin was built.

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