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  1. Scouts certainly can and many are registered members of more than one Troop! I know of several Scouts that are. When I found out about the other boys I called the San Diego Imperial Council HQ because I thought that would work quite well for my Sons situation. They responded in a rather routine tone about it, and said to simple write "Multiple" on the top of the app. for the additional Troop. They said that one Troop would be listed as primary but that it really had no bearing on anything, such as, Scouts could still do rank advancement with either or both Troops. They went on to say that although it maybe simplier to maintain rank advancement with only one Troop it is not necessary, or in anyway required. That Scouts in fact have no limits on the number of Troops that they can be officially Registared members of, they can simutaniulsy be a member of a half doezen troops and do one rank advancement with each one, all the way up. Also that Scouts are covered by the BSA insurance weather they are offically registared with an additonal Troop or just participating with another Troop as a guest or visitor. Being that the Troops dont have there own indvidual policys, the Insurance policy is through the council or SDICBSA, so it is all the same policy that is a lid over all Troops and Scouts in the Council. They actually think so much about Scouting they feel the world might be an even better place if every boy was so active in Scouting as to be envolved in multiple Troops! At this time my older boy has been a registarted member of two Troops for about three years. By virture of acquaintances and other programs has gone on overnighters with six other Troops, so far. Being envolved with multiple Troops and the many extra opurtunities it has afforded has been quite the blessing. At this time about midway through his Scouting career he has132 "Scout nights under the stars". Also it's been a good expierance to see how each Troops run things and the differances in SPL methods.
  2. Hello evmori Third line down of the, Hello qwazse post Monday 11/8/10: He has earned the rank of "Scout" via Scoutmaster conference the Troop wanted that before he went off to camp with them. I don't have his Webelos book or accurate records with me, it's all about an hour North of here as to at which point in time my son actually completed the requirements for AOL. To his credit the Den Leader as kept track of all the advancements. Their is a chance that he actually earned the AOL before he became a Scout.
  3. Hello qwazse, It is a big deal to him and I'm all for giving it the due honor it deserves. As long as it doesn't have him getting cross threaded with any of the 12 items in the Scout Law. Plus the Pack does a pretty darn good job of the ceremony at the Blue and Gold dinner and as I wrote before he has long looked forward to his time. being that without him they would only have two boys crossing over this year I think they would be happy to have him participate. Even if he was already a Scout coming back just to partake in the actual ceremony He has earned the rank of "Scout" via Scoutmaster conference they wanted that before he went off to camp with them. With both Boy Scout camps and all the other events he has already just recently had Scoutmaster conferences for Tenderfoot and Second Class. But has not yet had the required Board of Review to be awarded the ranks. I think the pack would be fine with him continuing to attend as a guest and for sure the Den would be. So do you think taking all else into consideration if he holds off the the Tenderfoot and Second class board of review until after this months upcoming Pack meeting and if they are willing to do a pre-crossover that he could still legitimately get the Arrow of light at that point. Because now the Troop down south has started up it's re-registration drive to have all the papers in order for re-chartering. where as when he first signed up with the Troop, I did fill out reg forms and had my checkbook out but they did not want any money because they said it was just a partial year at that point and they would just wait to the start of the new year to take registration money. But now perhaps when I write a check for there December registration drive he would be even more officially if thats possible, a Scout. Perhaps I could drag my heals a little on writing that check. For the AOL does it go by when somebody hands it to him and shakes his hand or when he actually completed the requirements? He's current with the Pack as his registration was paid late September. So far with the different registrations have heard no feed back or questions from central headquarters. Either their computer isn't programed to cross reference names, his forms are in a big stack on somebody's desk and haven't been entered yet or the Troop down South was waiting for the start of this new year to send in his forms with a check attached.
  4. Hello ScoutNut and Lisabob, Thanks for taking the time that you did to consider and reply. As far as what ever possessed and why on earth. The situation is I, like most, need to work during the day, even in the Summer. Taking time off to spend with my own son would be great, but due to the economy had already had to much time off between jobs and needed to log the hours on the project I was fortunate to become involved with. During the Summer I need to find some place for that boy to be. Just letting him hang at home all day seams far from the best option. The Cub Scout pack he is a Webelo in goes dormant in the Summer. The Pack is only up and running during the school year. My long time friend from way back when we were in Scouts had his son scheduled with their Troop to attend two (2) one week long Boy Scout camps. The one in the mountains is Same camp that my friend and I attended together has Scouts. Now for it to come full circle and for our sons to have the opportunity to also attend the same camp together, had a good ring to it, sounded like it was something that should be and an opportunity not to let slip past. The second Camp Emerald Bay is truly one of the most stellar camp experiences available any where and has left quite a positive impression on my Son! I did have other non-Scout choices where I could have placed him but they paled in comparison. The two weeks in between the Boy Scout Camps, I put him in learn to sail day camps, held by the University. One of those sailing camp weeks my friends son also attended with him. My boy did a month straight of camps it was quite a Summer for him. Not such a shame at all for an 11 year old boy! Plus he participated in a 10 mile and a 20 mile hike. A over night campout at a remote shooting range where they worked toward the Riffle Shooting MB. An over night campout at the bay then completed the 10 mile Salty Rat but on Kayaks not canoes, in prep for a three night Campout out Santa Cruz Island. Marched in a Parade. Volunteer time with Navy Fleet Week, Participated in an Eagle project and a all day field trip with a Geologist to multiple locations of mines and drill rigs for the Geology MB When you write "Good Lord what a shame" consider he did all this and then some, all predominately while the Cub Pack had signed off for the Summer. The Boy Scout Troop also suspends regular meetings during the Summer but not to go dormant, it's because they are so incredible active. They also did rim to rim of the Grand Canyon a 10 day Sierra trek on the John Muir trail which included the Mt. Whitney Summit, and a 10 day Philmont trek. The boy actually hasn't missed any of the Cub/Webelo experiences as is offered by his Pack. He has had perfect attendance at their meetings and events. I see where you write he can't be a Cub Scout AND a Boy Scout at the same time. Is this just a gut feeling of yours because thats the norm, or is it actually written some place? Because he's living proof that it can physically be done! The fact is, he has been actually doing quite well at both. As far as "all things in due time" he is 11 going on twelve. Next year when his Den/classmates are 11 going on 12 that year of their life they will be able to do all the Boy Scout camps, hikes and events. So the thinking is, it was all in due time that he started Scouts when he did. You only get to be 11 once! It all got started in second grade when we found out his classmates where Cub Scouts so he joined and was naturally place in a den with them. It has been a great group they, as well as all the parents get along famously. It didn't occur to me at the time that maybe he should have been placed in the Den with the boys from one grade up so as to match his age come transition time to Boy Scouts. As the years rolled by and it started dawn on me that it would present some transition to Boy Scouts issues the group was so well bonded it didn't feel right to just leave the Den. Plus in spite of a decent program the Den had slowly dwindled over the years from has many as 8 to only 3 but still with a good Den dynamic about it. But at that point if my son was pulled from the Den, it seamed it would cripple what was left of the Den experience for the others. Is it accurate, I think it is, that you have earned a rank when you have completed and been signed off on all the requirements at that point you are that rank? And that the formal presentation on ceremony night is actually just icing on the cake. If for some reason the blue and gold dinner was cancelled the boys that had meet the requirements have still earned the next rank or AOL. My son has in fact way over met all the requirements for AOL within the age and grade restrictions and if I check back closely it could be before he made rank of Scout in the Boy Scouts, but I'm not certain it is close if he can go by that? I did feel out reg. papers along with A,B and C, med. forms for him to be eligible for the Boy Scout camps. So most likely it's to late for holding off on formal registration in Boy Scouts. Unless by chance they didn't actually get around to forwarding all the forms, possible but not likely. That was a suggestion that would go for, if I could. But I think with this Troop for insurance reasons a visiting Webelo probably wouldn't have been allowed to attend at least the extended camps with them. What I have explained to my Son, who knows he has in fact earned the Arrow of Light and wanted to wear it on his uniform. Is, if you held that little patch in the palm of one hand and just so much as the six nights and seven days on Catalina Island participating in Camp Emerald Bay in the other hand. Would you trade the patch for that week in camp let alone the other week in camp and all the other Scout events he has already done and a quick smile came to his face with the answer "no" he wouldn't trade all that to be officially awarded the AOL. I told him he may well need to be happy with knowing in his heart that he did in fact earn the AOL. And that maybe you can go to the blue and gold and be their for your buddies and greet them has they crossover the little lashed together bridge. On the future when his Den to the North does go on to the Boy Scout level I think it well present lots of opportunity's he can go to the camps from both Troops, twice the fun! He has already, at the direction of the Troop to the South started keeping track of all hikes and events in a binder and he can just bring it to both Troops to keep everybody on the same page where he is in advancement. Is the AOL even a requirement to Eagle? Yes I can see where this would if it ever even comes to it, would be awkward to explain to an Eagle board of review.
  5. Who is correct Longhaul or fgoodwin? Loghaul, writes which ever comes later age 11 1\2 or completion of 5th grade or fgoodwin, If one or the other has already occurred! New Question or Same Question with added twist: My son is 11 years 8 months currently in 5th grade has earned the Arrow of light. With the Cub Pack near where he lives with his mother, that he has been attending continuously for 3 years and has now started his 4th year. This last Summer I simultaneously started him in Boy Scouts with a troop just over an hour away, closer to where I live. With a Boy Scout Troop where my friend, that I was a Scout with has his son involved in. Are two sons have long been friends. My son did earn the starting rank of Scout before he completed the requirements for Arrow of light at the Pack an hour north. My boy has been watching the pomp and circumstance of the Blue and Gold dinner for years and has always looked forward to his turn to cross over on the the little bridge they lash together. To me it's a great little ceremony but not as great has the Grand Canyon, Sierras and Summer Camp at Emerald Bay, Catalina Island that he did get to attend. However the boy still is in the 5th grade and has been to so many little events over the years with the other Den Members right from his classroom that he just always counted on getting his Arrow of Light with them. By the time the formal crossover ceremony occurs my son will likely have already earned Second class maybe even his First Class at the Troop an hour South. Is this boy who attends Webelos where his mother lives and Scouts where his Father lives still eligible to be awarded the Arrow of Light?
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