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  1. Thank you everyone for your replies, they have been most helpful. I am very happy to have a place to go to get advice from experienced Advisors. Like I said, working with a Venture crew is new to all of us here and unfortunately some people forget that we are no longer working with scouts, this is not a troop and it is youth-led. I get the odd person here telling me it is youth-led, but not youth-managed. I think these people just do not like handing over control and/or decisions to the crew. They are so used to making all the decisions for the kids that it is a hard concept for t
  2. I am fairly new to Venturing and could use some advice. In everything I have read and reasearched it says that it is up to the crew to decide on a uniform, if any. There is no "offical" uniform required, only recommended. Our crew adopted the green shirt (for official use) and a sweatshirt with the logo. They have only worn the shirt once, but love the sweatshirt and wear it constantly. Since we are in Germany and meetings are in their school (German/American) they never wear their uniforms to meetings (unlike others in Germany who are located on bases). However, they love thei
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