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  1. Thanks for the explanations, both here and in the e-mails. I was probably being a little over dramatic when I said, I didn't know if I would get my son involved with an org. that handled problems in this manner. I am really not the type to judge an entire organization that I have always had a positive opinion of, based on one bad story. I did want to express how something like this can look to an outsider such as myself, and how this SM's attitude can hurt the perception of the org. as a whole. I understand that we are only hearing one side, but this lady seems to have been very open and hones
  2. I just found this site this evenning. I have a six year old son who I think would enjoy getting involved with the cub scouts, so I was trying to research this possibility. Something caused me however to click on this thread and I began reading, and reading, and reading. I felt the need to post from an outsider's perspective, what I feel about this lady and her son's problem after reading several, but not all of the pages here. First it appears to me, (and I may be wrong)that many of you posting here are deeply involved with this organization and I am sure some of you hold some managerial posit
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