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  1. This is as old as the debates about women vs men and has about as many advantages, disadvantages, and opinions. However, from an outdoor scouting perspective I am a outdoor leader, take my 15 girls camping, invite other troops wanting to try it out, and I have a full set of Boy Scout outdoor materials along side my GS materials. They are more detailed, I know they are "age appropriate" and when I get stuff off the internet I don't always know it is accurate so they serve as a great foundation. And as a bonus helping my husband with our son's cub scout troop has been a breeze because
  2. First let me say I think this is sad, but not isolated. I am the leader at the "other" school that has taken in girls that were not "allowed" to join or only wanted to join GS if they could go to a different troop. While you all brought up great points, I want to point out another side of this issue and point out that not all leaders who turn away girls are ugly green heartless monsters. First, your job as being a leader depends highly on your parents. They are the supporters, drivers, family cookie coordinators, fellow campers, etc. Picture yourself for a moment, your own family respons
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