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  1. From what I understand from my Council (Calumet in NW Indiana) -- this is a special program for this fall only. The cars and the boxes, etc. were donated (or underwritten) by General Motors for the fall round-up. How Cool is that!! My Council is distributing them this way: We held our Round-up and then went into the Council Office to pay for the 17 boys we recruited. When we had piad, the Council gave us 17 "goody boxes". I would've loved to have had them at the Round-Up, but can see the Council's stand on this paying in advance -- (sometimes it's all about money & membership!)
  2. I HAD posted a message about regional patches and placement......as well as a question or two about temporary insignia. My browser was set for "Display last 90 days" on this board..........after posting, I went back and had them posted for the past year and noticed the 2 pages of discussion on this ( a little more than 90 days ago!) same subject. Sorry, next time I check back further before I post! I think all of you covered this well.....uniform police and all!! I would just delete this whole message, but don't know how! Thanks for all the input back in February tho
  3. Let me add an eighth idea that helped us this year -- we had sign-ups for carpooling right off, too. Our Day Camp is a 1/2 hour drive away, so people were reluctant last year to sign up for the travelling up there and back 4 days a week. This year, at deposit time and sign-ups, we set out a carpool sheet, too. Had who can drive which days and which direction and who cannot drive at all, but would pitch in for gas $$ (The parents who both work full-time are usually game for the pitching in rather than worrying about transportation.) I also (probably sadly) sold Day Camp to a few pa
  4. I bought some sucker molds off of E-bay a few months back -- made great favors for our Blue & Gold Banquet!! The people I bought them off of also run an on-line store called "Cakes 'n Things" The URL is http://www.cakesnthings.com/catalog/catalog.htm search their catalog under "candy & sugar molds", then "jobs" -- LOTS of cool stuff! Good luck! YIS, Darlene webelos mom tiger leader advancement chair
  5. I am sitting here stapling badges to cards, beltloops to 3x5's and sticking Webelos activity pins thru their cards....desparately trying to get ready before Saturday night, for our Blue & Gold Banquet this Sunnday! We have a new Cubmaster and are going to officially "induct" him on Sunday. I cannot find the copy of the cecremony I wanted to do for him. It is a Cubmaster induction or installation that had a walking stick as the prop. Like, he gets the walking stick from the old cubmaster and then, will in turn, pass it on to the guy after him. Anyone know what I am talking abou
  6. The new BSA catalog has the changes for 2003 listed as a supplement to the 11th edition Boy Scout Handbook. My council office did not have it yet, but it is only $3.80 in the catalog. I know what you mean about the books, though. My son is just crossing over into a troop - but the same is true for Cubs........everytime we get a program working well and get to know it, they change things around on us!! Oh well, though, I guess it keeps us on our toes! And, I will have to say, that I really like the new Tiger and Webelos programs better than the old ones! YIS Darlene Webelos
  7. I am searching for a form to track Cub Scout Belt Loops & Pins on the pack level. I have downloaded the tracker spreadsheet from the Virtual Leaders handbook - but do not have Excel - so I can only look at this spreadsheet. What I would eally like to do is track these on a PACK level. Whenever we have a gym night, to work on a specific beltloop, we get this -- "My scout already has that one." -- or "We did that one the year before last." I know that I will not be able to make everyone happy at these gym nights, but would like to be able to glance at a chart or form and see whi
  8. We had a couple of "grandmas" sew us some brag vests out of cheap ($1.88/yard),red, poly/cotton blend fabric from Walmart. They look just like the felt vests sold at the scout shop, but wash up and hold up much better. We simply took orders for them (as to which size for which boy and paid for them up front) at the first pack meeting in Sept and the "gramma's" had them sewn up and ready to go by the Nov Pack meeting. They were SO cheap to make, and of much better quality than those red felt ones!! I cannot remember what they charged for them - maybe $6-$7?? This more than paid for the fab
  9. Not a whole lot out there for Wolves -- but a few funpages on Pack 114's website. However, if you move up with your den, bookmark 114's website. Barb Stephen's has made up fun pages pertaining to EVERY Webelos activity badge. I ran across these last year and my husband has used them with his Webelos this year. he used them as den meeting activities and sends some home as "homework". They have really helped enhance his Webelos program! Check it out at: http://www.creighton.edu/~bsteph/pack114/funpages/index.html These guys have a WONDERFUL website and FULL library of resourc
  10. Here's one we have used - just a little skit with a whipped cream pie. The Boys LOVED getting to smear their den leader!! THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS Characters: "Bob" the den leader, 12 Cub Scout friends (if den has less than 12 boys, have them repeat their entrance on stage) Props: Items called for in skit on a table (use your imagination to create wilder items) Setting: Bob is standing by table with props. As each boy enters, he hands him the appropriate item. Cub 1: On the first day of Christmas my good friend gave to me -- a knob to adjust my TV. Thanks Bob! Bob:
  11. Thanks both of you for the encouragement-- I logged on to Bob White's web site yesterday and printed out a bunch of stuff for our new Cubmaster to read through. Also, after expressing my concern to my husband (Our Webelos leader now, but has been my 11 year olds leader from Tiger year on, and a former Boy Scout.....he thinks he is "Mr. Scout, but pretty much stays out of the Pack Politics and concentrates mostly on his den)......Anyway, after talking to him a little, he has agreed to help with the transition. As far as helping Bill, our new guy, with the Pack Mtgs a little and being the
  12. I have been "lurking" around here for months, reading messages and gaining knowledge....... now I have a question for all of you. Our pack needs some advice on making the transistion from old to new Cubmaster in the "middle of the year" here. Our current Cubmaster leaves for military recall duty this week and we had a "Tiger Dad" volunteer to take over (WHEW!!) He is scheduled to go to CSLT with some of us this weekend, and has been reading, reading & reading almost everything about "cubmastering" that I could get my hands on for him. I had a hand in recruiting him to this positio
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