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  1. I wonder if they end up with typical indoor Cub Scout fare (songs, games, skits, Promise, Law, and macaroni crafts); will they will ever Cross-Over to Boy Scouts ("They fooled me once with that promise of outdoor adventure..."). To answer your question: YES they do! Our Pack routinely crosses over nearly all of our Webelos into several area Troops. Our graduates come back to serve as Den Chiefs and they serve in various leadership positions in their respective Troops. Our graduates serve as volunteers in District events. Our graduates, even as older Boy Scouts, look back on their time in
  2. Received several personal messages about the Not Much Time (rope demo) thing discussed above - so I figured that I'd just post it here. I've seen something like this using a yardstick. And as I said before, I inherited this basic idea from a previous Cubmaster, but I've added to it and tried to build up the drama - surely, this could win you an Oscar or at least a bunch of new Scouts! Not Much Time Materials: 80 rope (we use a blue and gold nylon rope available at Home Depot or Lowes), pre-marked with marker at 6, 13, 21, 50 (cut rope is used in other Scouting projects, knot t
  3. Our dates are set by the district, usually a choice of two. We usually only recruit at our CO, an elementary school. We set up a booth at the Meet the Teacher Day, usually a few days before school starts - pictures, flyers, PWD cars, Pushmoblie, etc. Flyers go out in all boys take home folders a week before and the day before our SNTJS. The morning of SNTJS, we set up a campsite on the stage in the caferteria (tent, fake fire, flags, etc; looking for a sounds of nature cd to add to it this year and now gonna look for a smells of nature air freshener and auto spray, too - th
  4. Hi Y'all, This question is not really a fan/not-fan of the new delivery method, but more of a practical application question. (My thoughts on that are that the Den Meetings are pretty good, but the Pack Meetings are weaker and will need a heaping dose of pizzaz added! Anyway . . . ) I'm starting to schedule out the next year's Cub Scouting dates, actually writing the Den Meetings on my calendar . . . (Webelos) Den Mtg #1 - 12 Sep, #2 - 19 Sep, #3 - 10 Oct, and so on. I've noticed that the new guide has the Webelos building Pinewood Derby cars in April. This timing also shows
  5. I know you were asking about Estes bulk rockets in your OP, but one very inexpensive event our Pack just hosted was to build and lunch badminton birdie rockets. I think it was about a dollar for each Cub Scout (main cost was the engines), because we had several launchers and hot glue guns available. The birdie rockets didn't go up very far and were simple to make and launch; shoot 'em up, they float down. Still valuable lessons of flight, safety, etc. This might be an option if space and/or money is a concern. We did this as an "all-Pack" activity - Tigers thru Webelos - and no on
  6. Update - Campout is now done . . . The parents in question were "able to rearrange their plans" and Dad was able to take the Wolf on the campout. Dad even told me that he (the Dad) "really didn't want to miss it!" Looking at this from a bigger-picture view (and a bit of Monday morning quarterbacking thrown in): We did not "short-change" this Cub Scout . . . I'd say we actually "strengthened his relationship with his Dad." Cub Scouts is a "Family Program" (various definitions of family are available, of couse). I don't know if this was a pure Baby-Sitters of America case (parents usin
  7. Jeffrey - He was saying Tigers couldn't camp parentless (answering my original question). ALL - My Council has agreed with my thoughts (still waiting for National's response) . . . The Scout (a Wolf) cannot go parentless because of "Family Camping" part of the GTSS (as posted by Scoutfish), I guess taking the view that a parent must actually be there to be responsible for the supervision of their a child [but, this should be "clearer," so the other family member is not a baby brother!]. A Webelos Scout could go parentless because of the blurb in the Age Guidelines of the GTSS (Webe
  8. Please forgive my late response, just now reading through these, looking for some jems for our upcoming campout. Hey whereyat Eagle92?!!! Regarding your dead horse on Tchoupitoulas story . . . My Daddy always told me that the cop said, "Hey, y'all help me drag this thing to Camp Street." Which is kinda funny, 'cuz EVERYBODY knows Camp is two blocks from Tchoupitoulas!!! ;-)
  9. Can a Cub Scout go on a Pack Overnighter without his parent/guardian? A Cub in our Pack has registered without a parent for our upcoming campout. The parents were going to let another Dad be the Cub's adult for the campout. Looking beyond the Cub Scouting is a "Family Game" issues (and we could even handle the two-deep issues), is this OK with the BSA? In GTSS, Pack Overnighters says parents should supervise their Scouts. This sounds like a "YES." But, Family Camping says two members of a family and one is a BSA member. That one sounds like a "NO." Thoughts??
  10. Our BGB is in our CO's (a school PTO) cafeteria, but food catered by a popular hamburger and hot dog place (Scouts eat free). We have a Fellas Cake Bake (give awards for best Scout theme, tallest, etc, and then that's our dessert). This year for program, each Den is presenting some portion of the History of BSA (BP, Unknown Scout's Good Turn skit, Addition of Cub Scouts, etc.). Craft table at gathering to make a papertowel tube Cub Scout as centerpiece. Webelos I's are being presented their Weblos Rank Badges. A few announcements. Good time!
  11. If this has been answered, please point me in the direction of that answer. Otherwise . . . One of my Bears is working on his Outdoor Activity Award which at the Bear level requires a Cub to earn the Leave No Trace Award. We all earned LNT last year as Wolves. Does he have to "re-earn" the LNT Award to get his Bear Outdoor Activity Award? Thanks!
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