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  1. Our pack will be participating in a camporee in a few weeks. The question I have is how does everyone else work the food. We have about 8 families attending in all about 30 people. Should we have everyone contribute $ for food, have everyone bring their own food or have people contribute different items? Do any of your packs pay for all the food. We only have about 9 scouts attending (that's 1/2 of our PACK we have a small pack) the rest are family members. This is not a council run camporee so no food is included. We need 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch and 1 dinner plus all paper products, drinks ect.
  2. We use EMAIL for our pack. We also have a blogspot that I post on weekly. I do have a few parents that don't have computers so I print out the email and hand it to them at the den meeting. I encourage everyone to keep looking at the blogspot as that will eventually be our main source of communications. That being said I still get phone calls verifying what the email said or the parent who only checks their email once a month. You can't please everyone all the time.
  3. This is my 1st year as CC of a pack that I've been involved in for 6 years. I have a DIFFICULT WEBELOS leader on my hands (by the way he is also our CO rep). The problem is he wants to do his Crossing over ceremony with just his Den and the BOY SCOUTS (who he is also involved in heavily). I've tried to explain the importance of having the entire pack looking on as the scouts make the transition but he is insisting on having their 'own' crossing over with the boy scouts. He's said he will still come to the B&G and wants his scouts 'honored' then but it's over a month after HIS ceremony. Th
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