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  1. After several district and council officers became involved, me and all of the other scouts who have been denied membership over the past three years have recieved invitations to the fall ordeal.
  2. I've ran out of Jamboree patches, but the offer still holds good for the regular CSP.
  3. I would like to thank all of you for your input. Me, my SM, and two other eagles faced with the same situation have scheduled a meeting with our District Executive to discuss the situation (Since the Council Executive is out of town). I'll be sure to post what happens.
  4. The Lodge Advisor said that since our unit's election report was recieved a day late (two weeks before the tap-out, I may add), the members voted on wether or not to accept the new candidates. In the words of one of the members that was present for that vote, "Nobody knew you so you didn't get in...Sorry!" The lodge has refused to tap out members of our troop three years in a row for various reasons, but this one is by far the most arrogant. The OA member quoted herien actually told me that had I been known by some of the members that prticipated in the vote, I would have gotton in. To me, the
  5. Although there are not any official BSA courses for adults at the unit level at this time, there are other organizations which may host such an evet for you upon request. You may try the Red Cross, your local police department, or a local health agency.
  6. I am trying to replace a discontinued patch that was lost in a fire. It is a red position patch with the words "Local Council Staff" in gold. It is similar in design to that of a District Executive Patch. A JPEG I downloaded off a website is available upon request to help clarify the description. I am truely grateful for any and all assistance.
  7. As an Eagle Scout myself, and a professional scouter, I have to agree with Bob White. The board of review decides wether or not the candidate should advance. I also would like to point out only one side of the story is being represented here. To get to life Scout, you must pass several boards of reveiw to verify you are ready to advance. On the other hand, Boy Scout Advancement Policies are an imperfect system in an imperfect world. There are holes in the system. For example, Just the other day I recieved a call from a concerned Scoutmaster. A Life Scout had just transferred into his tro
  8. I am an Eagle Scout who just earned my second silver palm. I was voted into the OA in 2000. To this date I still have not been tapped out. The members of the OA lodge had a meeting and actually voted not to accept the canddidates that were elected by our troop. One of the unique qualities of OA is that members are elected by non-members. What is the point of this if the lodge members can vote not to accept those who are voted in?
  9. I have been a patch collecter for quite some time. If anyone would be willing to send me a patch from their council, I can send you either the traditional Sagamore Council CSP, or the Sagamore CSP from the last Jamboree. If you're interested, send me a private message and I'll get back to you.
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