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  1. As a girl, I wanted to be a boy scout. My brother was... he got to go hiking and camping and cook outdoors and collect newspapers and play with a knife and a bow and arrow etc. etc. As a Girl Scout leader, I try to make sure that my girls have an opportunity to do all of those things. It is the "girls" troop and they are to make the decisions on what we do and where we go. Leader is suppose to be resource person and "safety wise". Our troop does tons of service projects. We just delivered 100 "love bugs" to a local nursing home hand delivered with a "happy valentines day " and a smi
  2. There are over 317 Girl Scout Councils in the US. I am trying to collect a recipe from each one. Making a recipe book that will be sold to help fund Scoutership and Campership for Raintree Girl Scout COuncil IN. Please check for your Council below. Then go to web site and submit a recipe including your COuncil Name. Or e mail to LPosd@aol.com Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks http://www.angelfire.com/in3/girlscoutsrfun/CouncilRecipe.html Short List Council Recipes Still Needed Abnaki - ME Angeles - CA Apalachee Bend - FL Appleseed Ridge - OH Badger - WI Becky Thatcher A
  3. There is a group growing in Girl Scouting it's called the "Juliettes" individually registered girls. These tend to be from troops who have lost girls due to jobs etc as they get older. Sounds like the problem in your area is lack of volunteers. No new troops are created without a leader. No troop grows without recruitment by other girls , leader, council, advertising and making Scouting visable. Leaders can be recruited by the Council, but I would say most are recruited by girls begging and pleading with their parents to let them be involved in scouting. I have a couple of suggest
  4. DD, Thanks I feel more welcome now. A special spot just for the girls. I am sure the next Girl Scout to visit this site will be most appreciative. KoreaScouter, Thank you for forwarding link. I thought this would be a much easy project then it has turned out to be. Yarrow, Please submit your recipe for Mile HI. I do not have a recipe from there yet. I do appreciate the help. Buffalo2, I would say the way you get girls interested is to first expose them to it and grow their interest. Our troop of 1st year 4th grade Junior girl scouts have gone rock climbing. (indoor varie
  5. I did say "SISTER" troop didn't I? Brothers and Sisters in Scouting? Troops who might meet in same building or at same school? Didn't mean to offend. Was my perfume too strong? LOL Laura
  6. I am hoping there are troops out there with a sister Girl Scout Troop who might be able to help me. I am trying to collect a recipe from every Girl Scout Council in the USA. http://www.angelfire.com/in3/girlscoutsrfun/CouncilRecipe.html Above is link to my web page that shows the Councils I have received. There is also a link on this page for all Girl Scout COuncils the ones in black I still need a recipe from. Please help. Please forward this to a local troop of Council if you are aware of one. Your help is appreciated. Yours in Girl Scouting Laura Padgett
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