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  1. Greetings! We will be in the annual Labor Day Parade. Looking for ideas to decorate a hay rack. Thanks, I appreciate it!!
  2. They are in my thoughts and prayers.
  3. Do you use it? Does it work? We made our vests at our last den meeting. The boys learned to sew a button! What a blast!
  4. What does out pack do over the summer? Nothing! That is the main problem. The CM's heart is in the right place but he has no idea how to delegate or plan. As I mentioned before, we have no committees in place. I was planning a bike rodeo and fishing derby for my den. I then talked to a few of the other leaders about summer activities and found out nothing was planned. I asked them if they would like to include their dens and they were pretty excited about it. I am new to scouting and always feel inadequate with all my dumb questions. I just get the feeling in our pack (and it is quite
  5. Once a Tiger Cub has been recognized in this ceremony for completion of his Tiger Cub year, he can no longer work on his Tiger Cub requirements. He now works on the Wolf advancement requirements outlined in the Wolf Handbook. This may sound really dumb butif you are recognized for *completion* that means you are done, right? So why would one even need to work on the *remaining* requirements? Is the Tiger Cub rank not as important or strict as the others? Isnt Bobcat after Tiger? Please correct me if I am wrong here too. Seems like the Bobcat requirements are done with adult partner
  6. Thank you for your reply. Oh goodness! I hope I didn't come off as trying to write them off. That was not my intention at all! Like you mentioned, there is only 1.5 months of school left. It is getting more difficult with soccer and baseball practice too. I have mentioned several times to the parents that they can do things on their own too. I have 11 in my den and most are close to earning rank. I was hoping they could all do it together. I guess I will end up getting badges for those that earned it. I was hoping to award them all at the May pack meeting. I think some of the parent
  7. I don't know many women who look good in yellow! Wonder why they chose yellow?! I have them men's shirt. It was too long to tuck in. I took it to a tailor and had it cut and hemmed. Looks much neater than bunched up in my pants!
  8. Greetings all! Can my Tigers advance to Bobcats without completing all the achievements? Several have missed out on the Go See It's and den activities due to illness and various reasons this past winter. Thanks!
  9. Hi again. I would like to plan a bike rodeo for my den. I will also invite all the other dens in the pack. I am going to ask the local school if we can use the parking lot. Trying to get a bicycle cop to come too. Bike repair shop employee too. I was going to set up obstacles too. Optional decorating of bikes. Any more suggestions? TIA!
  10. Just a quick note to let you know the meeting was a big hit. Several boys brought in some interesting things from other countires. Old passports, coins & food. We colored flags. One of the boys brought the exchange student from next door. A beautiful girl from South Africa. She brought a flag and told stories about animals that live in her yard. And...my own little Tiger Cub is in love with her! Thanks for all the suggestions!
  11. Look for ideas for a Tiger Cub den meeting. Anyone know of a list of internationl Cub Scouts? I was thinking of pen pals for the boys. Asking each boy to make a flag of ethnic background. Bringing in foriegn money. Any other ideas?
  12. Should DL's get some sort of statement as to how much is in the pack account? Thanks!
  13. Hi all! Where do I start? We have a large pack and a useless CM. Our B&G was awful. Nothing for the boys to do for 2 1/2 hours. Pinewood Derby is a mess. Finances are too. He has no idea how to get in touch with the Treasurer. We have no committee members. Pack meeting are a free for all. We have someone who would be a great leader. How do we tactfully ask him to step down? I am a new Tiger DL and he offered me no guidance what so ever. Everything I learned was from books and the internet. I have paid for tons of stuff out of my pocket before I decided to collect den dues.
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