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  1. Thanks for your input, 'Nut For folks doing it the way I've described, I'd still love your feedback. Thanks
  2. My son has just joined a new Pack in his Web1 year, and I've offered to chair the B&G committee. The new Pack has decided they want to uncouple the non-WEB2 award component from the rest of the event for the first time, moving it to the end of the year Pack outing. However, we still want this to be a birthday party, such that the entire Pack participates. Most of the reasons for the change have already been articulated in previous comments: a) it shortens a lengthy event, b) it magnifies the importance of the WEB2 graduation and c) it takes pressure off of the other dens to achieve th
  3. It's been a while since the topic of Space Derby was discussed, but I'm cubmaster of a Pack in CT that is doing SD for the first time. I must say that this forum but also the various internet postings of units throughout the country (as well as the YouTube videos) has been very helpful in getting us stated. One thing I continued to get steamed about, though, are the very sketchy instructions that come with the original kits. Because of their briefness, the YT videos really do turn out to be godsends. (BSA could do something to get the manufacturer to beef this up, but I digress) Afte
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