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  1. I'm a professional Sonographer (ultrasound) & I've just started as the Director of 2 new degree programs at Oklahoma State University for Cardiovascular Ultrasound. I'm the Cubmaster of a Pack in Edmond , Oklahoma & just finished my Woodbadge & was beaded last week. I've been one busy scouter for the past 2 yearsbut wouldn't give it up for anything! YIS Owl
  2. I've been searching for the quote made by one of the contemporaries of B-P that was along the lines of "once a scout, always a scout...". Does anyone know this full quote or know where to find it? I'm writing a speech and wanted to use that quote but can't find it. Thanks for any help. Owl
  3. I feel that any reference to products or behaviors/values that are counter productive to the instruction & guidance of our scouts should be left at home & never be allowed at any scouting activity...Period. I have my own history of bad habits and I understand those that struggle with them, but there is no way these would be displayed to our very impressionable young men & women (venturing) at any of my activities that I am responsible for. We are the example that they look up to & we have a greater responsibility to display the highest moral character we can to them. Revi
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