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  1. Thanks, all. I have given the prior SPL a key position. I like the idea of sitting out a term too, only our terms have been one year as SPL, and his appointed office holders, like ASPL, QM, etc. I also like that the boys vote, and come what may, whoever is elected is the one. The problem with this comes from some key commmitte members, ASM's, and some of the other boys too (the old argument that it is "really just a popularity contest"). This I have countered with "Well, that's the democratic process, and so it the national election". So, thank you, everyone, we will work on this as we go ah
  2. Our troop is young, and our oldest scouts are barely 14. Only 3 of about 25 boys have been SPL, but one in particular wishes to run again. He is very popular and would probably be elected. However, as a rule, I have tried to allow new boys to have the SPL experience, so have never let prior SPL's be elected again. I "balance" the outcome toward a new fellow, even though he is not as popular. I am torn though between totally letting the boys choose their leader,and letting all qualified boys run and be elected. Any thoughts or experience with this issue?
  3. I am researching for our troop an effective lightweight but large tarp(10x 20 ft.minimum). This is what we use to cover campground sites in the rain, or when there is no shade. Cost is not a big factor, but ease of setting up and height to stand under are. Something too that can withstand wind would be desirable. Has anyone used the Aero tarps by Walrus? Any other ideas?
  4. I am not an authority on the Disability Awareness MB but I do work with the disabled and counsel on this badge. This is one area where I would use my creativity and look to the intent of the badge and this requirement. Basically, I see it as a way to encourage the scout to observe and experience what it is like to be disabled, either in a scouting situation (a troop or pack)or otherwise. If there is no such troop where there are disabled scouts, then I would counsel the scouts to observe, interview, or speak to parents, teachers, or advocates for the disabled, if not the disabled themsel
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