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  1. Perhaps I'll just tell all the parents of the troop that the SM and I are over the BMI standards and will therefore be unable to take the troop on any outings over 72 hours, and if they have any questions please feel free to contact the people responsible for this and then give them nationals number.
  2. Due to budget cuts the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off temporarily...and busing for Venturer Daughter is not available, although Scout Son still gets to ride a bus (at least for this year) but walking to school for her is not an option...unless you think walking along 2 and 4 lane divided and undivided highways with no sidewalks, and drainage ditches on both sides acceptable (I don't think I'm overprotective, but I don't see this as very smart). On the other hand I'm all for the wearing of helmets when riding bikes, climbing / rappelling, knowing the proper handling of firea
  3. We've been fighting this battle since the BSA began. When I was a scout I had to put up with my hockey coaches telling me if I didn't show up for everything I would be benched, I finally sat down with my coach and asked that if my performance in practice and games was not suffering by my missing 1 practice a week, and 1 practice a month on the weekend why would I be benched, luckily he was understanding and we were able to work things out (which is why hockey helped pay for 3 years of college until injury forced me to quit) My point here being that maybe there might be some understanding coach
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