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  1. we do games as the boys come in along with a chineese auction. then we go to opening ceremony, our entertainment, then dinner with guest speaker from friends of scouting, then we move onto arrow of light ceremony and achievements awards, then we announce winners of the auction. do any other packs out there hold a chineese auction attheir B&G Banquet? would love to hear what you auction off.
  2. this has got to be the best place ive ever seen. i have found out more info on here than from my district director. have a question is it to much to ask that the dens have one outing a month instead of the whole pack trying to go on one since its getting harder to find stuff that both the tigers will like and the 2nd yr weblos would like too. i thought it was supposed to be the den that have the monthly outtings and the pack have one every now and then. have i said how much i really like this site.
  3. if it wasnt for the pack outings most of the dens wouldnt have outings at all. no one wants to try in our pack, i give them plenty of ideas as to what they could do. but no one wants to take the time and set up outings. they are lucky if they interest the boys with the achievemnents. its like its a chore for them to be here.
  4. how do i get the dens to do more for the boys. most only meet 2x a month and only do the pack outing. am trying to have the boys do more and see more. have fun. but the parents always say they have too much to do now they dont have time to do more. my son is in this pack and it makes me upset that no one wants to have fun and do more except me and the kids. would like to go camping, fishing, hiking, bike riding, swimming all the fun thing any one have some major help. THANK YOU
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