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  1. I have a few new ideas.


    1. Cool BSA Jacket. Have you seen the one Scouts Canada has? It is like a fleece pullover, we would be in uiform in cold weather!


    2. Change the rank logos for Tenderfoot - First Class, and place the rank on collar pins. The logos for the first 3 ranks should be simple, like bars (1 brass, 1 silver, 2 silver) the higher ranks are fine.


    3. Make use of the shoulder loops. Great for troop jobs. Make these mandatory. Then you can pick out patrol leaders fast!


    4. Maybe a dream, but bring back the beret, and put the rank on it.


    What do you think

  2. I agree that some sort of name tags should be worn, I have even seen them used by some troops as a black rectangular tag worn just above the Boy Scouts of America bar. But the question is, what should be displayed on the tag? Name, Rank, Troop Number, Office, or any one of many paramaters that could be helpful.


    How about a small red cross for a scout(or scouter) that has compleated first aid training.



  3. What changes, if any, would you like to see in the uniform or insignia?


    I would like to see the shoulder area used more often for rank or office ID. Maybe a larger strip with 1 bar for tenderfoot, 2 for 2 class and 3 for first class and a star for star, but I don't know what should be there for the other ranks.


    I would also like to see a revival of the beret.


    Any other ideas?


    Please no comments about strength or cost, as they have been beaten to death.


    Thanks(This message has been edited by netscouter)

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