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  1. Contact your District Executive at Council and ask him/her for the Spanish/English books for Tigers, Cubs, Webelos, New Leaders, and How To Books. The rank books will give your parents the ability to follow along with their sons requirements and help them advance. And the How to Books give them the opportunity to lead a project with the den or pack. They may or may not be FREE at your site but if they are ask for a few extras to keep for future use. It's great a resource to have around so that everyone can be involved!
  2. I understand your frustration, our pack has also seen those days! Here's an alternative...since B&G is usually a pretty big event that takes alot of time, try to schedule this event on a Saturday afternoon. Since your CO is a church it should be available, just explain the situation. We had ours this past Saturday (12-3pm) and let me tell you "WHAT A BIG DIFFERENCE!" it was from previous years when we had B&G on top of a hectic work day. So find a day that is good with your CO and your committee and schedule it. And always remember that you cant please everyone!
  3. Cant you use ordinary cheap gray tape and then spray paint it?
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