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    I am having our first pack meeting tomorrow night. I know nothing about Cub Scouts. I was asked to do Venture Scouts and Boy Scouts, however it worked out that cubs scouts are all that showed up at the roundup. What do I need to do? This is also a small pack with on child age 6. three age7, one age 8 and one age 10. What do I do?
  2. Perhaps to show what they have acomplished in Scouting. I was only asking if Venture Crew members that are part of the OA are allowed to wear the lodge flap on their shirt. If the venture crew scouts are not adult enough to understand that it is a part of Boy Scouts and an award to those scouts that have earned the right to wear the flap then perhaps they are not adult enough to be a part of the crew. I however think that they are adult enough and I am not trying to start a politically correct argument. We have to much of that going on in America today with out bringing it into scouting.
  3. I agree, I may have to tell them something but hopefully they will understand..
  4. Are you allowed to wear your lodge flap on your Venture uniform. I am new Venture and have been asked to be the advisor, so I got back into scouting and we are about to have a first nighter and an all around scout night. I sewed the lodge flap onto the pocket and then started thinking maybe I can not wear the flap on the uniform.
  5. I am having a first nighter for a new crew and while I have worked with Boy Scouts I am a little nervous about doing the Venture Crew, yet I am looking forward to it. Can anyone give me some advise about the first nighter? This is also a major drive for scouting so it will also be a drive for BSA and Cubs..
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