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  1. Well I don't think in 8 years that anyone has ever tried to tip me with cash. But if they did I wouldn't take it. I have accepted a can of pop for staying late and helping a scout learn some knots. My suggestion if your pack troop has a T shirt they make good gifts, many staffers will proudly ware a troop shirt for years to come. I have see troops that make their own patch for camp and give those to thir troop guide or commisioner. For out of council troops souncil patches are often given. The coolest thing was ever given was a 25 year old patch for the camp i worked at, the leader h
  2. Well this will be my 9'th summer on staff, and I've seen this go very well and very .. not well. The first few years I was on staff the whole sub 18 females on staff issue wasn't handeled well, and there were problems. In resent years we have cracked down. This summer I'm program director and my line is "While you are at camp if you arn't 18yet then we are your parent/or gaurdian. that makes you all siblings, That means no relations ships you wouldn't have with your brother/sister." In addition the only sub 18 girls we have this year are related to current or past staff members, ther
  3. Well chances are you're already or have been by now but in case anyone else was wondering. NCS works a lot like JLT for camp staff directors. Most directors positions require camp school training, (camp dir, ranger, program dir, waterfront, shooting (not archery), climbing, cope, nature(there is another options)), commissioner (one)). There are also cources for chaplains, trek, and outdoor adventure (scoutcraft), and camp accredatation teacm leader. It's a great experience, You get to be on the scout side of things for a bit, being in a patrol, etc. One of the goals is to show what a
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