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  1. Choice is Not too hard if your a scout leader of the right sort as BP would say... The choice is the boy's of course...Its time for hinm to make some judgement calls and live with the consequences... Boy Scouting is shoulod not be an extension of cub scouts... of course if the troop by its actions and reputation are total; losers and a more camping club than scout troop then you might weigh in but ask around the district and get a feel for the scoutmaster's reputation, if the chartered partber is solid and the troop has a reasonably functioning committee...give them and your scout a chance... Oh....(no offense but) If you cant deprogram from cub scouting quickly , take some time and work with the district for a awhile until your cub scout myopia clears up ...that will hopefully keep peace with your sons scoutmasters and give you a chance to schmooze into Boy Scoutng...(important for troop harmony.... You have somne homework to do and the internet will help you speed up the process. Start in the middle and work toward the historical and the modern at the same time (its exciting) Start here http://www.inquiry.net/traditional/index.htm visit here http://www.thedump.scoutscan.com/dumpinventoryview.php write to waikiki at omnicast dot net if you want more just campfire chatter all scouting is local if it doesnt fit then delete MCCET PMTNPO OWL
  2. Sure Scoutmaster quietly reminds scouts during conferences of the scout spirit requiirement in most things scouting...especialkly the senior leadership which is reminded to remind the patrol leaders...sooner than later the clique leaders (the natural gang leaders BTW) wil get the drift and either go away or change... mostly they go away but are replaced by more understanding and willing "leaders of the current right sort" MCCET PMTNPO OWL
  3. It's true ,many join the Commissioner Staff to hide out in plain sight and wear the red coat and drink coffee.... (dont spread it around) When I became a District Commissioner after 3 years an ADC and 4 years a UC , I already knew the players from the posers. The players were ever faithful and diligent as long as life didnt mess with them. Truth was I wanted them posers to fill my "numbers" , help make Quality District and from time to time tap their unique forte' to some special duty. I had an agenda and it required some "black sheep" from time to time....(Isnt covert scouting fun) Over the nine years as a sitting DC I enjoyed so many suprises and lessons in human capacity and motivation from these player and posers alike The key to good unit service is not having a red coat or or being up to tune on the latest QU or Advancement report and commissioners should not pay to much attention to the begging cup of the Dist/Council either. Your is to bide your time, know the problems of modern scouting in your sphere of influence and know the players . That way you will be in the right place at the right time to administer the right amount of unit service and walk away with that warm fuzzy feeling that you did your duty and a unit will not fail on your watch.... Now go make a visit..... Campfire Chatter MCCET PMTNPO OWL
  4. Most Districts are pretty predictable. Too much adult leader peekaboos and interferers... To much planning by non-participants etc Lots of TB syndrome from gumming the rules before during and after. Try setting time and place but let the SPL (of the troops attending) with their assistants or PLs or any brownsea b\scouts actually attending plan the next days events...the whole enchilada, games, demos, rules, operations,setups , awards etc... You might be impressed whay they can do.. After all , most camporees are term exams for scoutmasters... Have you done your job well enough to earn that rocking chair??? let the scout plan and execute... Thats true leadership A Scout is Trustworthy...so start trusting them MCCET PMTNPO OWL Past Program Chairman and Camp Chief
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