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  1. Well, I'm currently a scout, yes, but that title will eventually leave me. I'd rather use "scouter" and not have the name be outdated and bugging me in X number of years should I eventually decide to go back to scouts after college and all. (That, and MapleScouter is a pun of something else.) Anyways, I don't hold educational choices and values against any of the scouts in "my" patrol (since saying the patrol to which I am the patrol leader of sounds awkward). I respect all of the kids in my troop, regardless of the school they attend or their values. What if I in my post I had replaced t
  2. I'll say quite frankly that I'm not a troll (although I'll also admit that I'm also biased, haha.) Anyways, certainly "well spoken" teenagers have to exist, yeah? For there to be the whole discussion about failing and sub par education, somewhere people have to be doing better since it's all relative, right? If you still think me a troll, then perhaps you have trouble imaging an academically successful kid in scouting? I'll admit the two passions aren't too well associated. Take the scholarship merit badge, requiring "satisfactory" behavior, grades of 80% or more (and, if not, just h
  3. I'm sorry if I came across as a bit condescending. I'll admit, I googled Dunning-Kruger, and if the bias is there I hope I'll realize it. Anyways, new scouts can choose their own patrol upon joining and change at will. The adults have been pushing for the scouts to have more control and be more proactive, and I think allowing open patrols is an example stemming from this. No scouts have openly supported a split. It's just that, given my troop's history of patrol outings, I feel bad to let off some of the scouts into a patrol that hasn't and more likely won't do any patrol outings. In add
  4. Hi scouts and scouters, Since it's my first post, I'll give some introduction to myself. I'm quite... unique for a Scout, demographically speaking. I live in one of the only Republican districts in Southern California (in which my troop is chartered), but am more like minded with the Catholic prep school which I commute to for about half an hour every day during the school year. I'm one of two kids in a troop of only 60 that isn't white, the only scout that is an actual immigrant and, although I was born in Asia (I'll be a bit general here), the only scout that bears Canadian citizen
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