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    Adults wearing uniforms to boost ego?

    AMEN is right. If I don't wear the uniform how can I ask the boys to wear it. As far as leader awards go, when I was a CM I had leaders who had never received knots they had earned, some didn't know they had earned them. I started awarding them in the Pack Meetings, the boys were proud to see that their leader(s) were earning awards as well. And it boosted the spirit if the volunteers as well. Some people do go overboard with row after row of knots, hey, to each their own as long as they are giving a quality program to the kids.
  2. madmoose

    Hello From Central Florida

    Thanks for the welcome. Yes too many hats... got burned out a little but we all love doing it and it's all for the boys as well. So here I am back doing it again! I know about them skeeters... I live about 20 miles from La-No-Che, and Yes Eagels Soar!
  3. Hello, been looking at the forum for a week or so and finally found time to join in. Been through the whole cub route, Tiger Leader, Cubmaster, Webelos Leader. Former (4 year) District Training Chair & Assistant District Commissioner, (Looking back at all that I'm sure I need therapy) Now an Assistant Scout Master & (1) Unit Commissioner. Work forced me out of scouting for about 9 months, got back into it by working staff at Jambo- What a BLAST! Anyhow it's good to be back involved at a somewhat lighter load capacity.