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  1. Thanks for all your helpful input!! To answer some questions that were asked: The closest orienteering club would be about an hour away in Michigan. The closest camp would be in Toledo and I don't know if they have an orienteering course setup. Our Assistant Scoutmasters wanted to work on T-2-1 requirements last year at summer camp but everytime they went to the area it was not staffed and could not be used. They complained and the camp said they'd try to make sure it was available more often this year. I think I'll ask our Scoutmaster (he'll only be there a few days) to check on
  2. My son needs to work on a few more requirements to receive his First Class rank. The troop he is part of is in an area that has 2 Cub Scout packs to feed 3 Boy Scout troops. We are the odd troop out(meaning the other two troops are in the same towns as the two Cub Scout packs) so our numbers aren't as high as the other 2 troops. My son and two other boys came over a year ago. They are active and have made good progress towards rank. However, they are doing it mostly with help from parents and the Scoutmaster. We had some older boys that just graduated, then a couple 16 year olds that aren
  3. Hi all, I've been committee chair for my son's troop (he's 12) since March of this year. I really thought all I had to do was be the head of the parent group to coordinate between the Scoutmaster and the parents. I've seen on here that the committee chair's are really expected to know more and do more. I'm also a Girl Scout leader (one of 3) for my daughter's troop so I'm not new to scouting. I do help out at meetings for the BS troop and even attended Fall camp last year when my husband couldn't go due to knee surgery. I actually like all the outdoorsy things in Boy Scouts so that's
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