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  1. Hi Liz, What a cool website! That is exactly what I need. It is really frustrating to go to a great restaurant and have to worry about the salad dressing. Mostly it is dairy that gets me there. This will really help. Have you checked out some of the other links that were posted here? There are some awesome ones. Thanks to everyone else who posted! I got some great info from you that I am already using!
  2. I recently came back from our local scout camp. I had communicated with the camp chef precamp which was a negative experience. So I was prepared to cook on my backpacking stove or coleman stove and keep my food in a cooler in my truck. Since the temp didn't go below 90 during the day, I am really glad I didn't have to keep my food cold! More on that in a moment! When I arrived at camp, my husband and I went to see what the story was in the kitchen. I mostly wanted to find out where the microwave was as that was the only thing I expected to access after the precamp meeting. Well, the kitc
  3. I am leaving for camp tomorrow. I just saw this late last night. I also have food "issues". I am intolerant of gluten, dairy, lactose, oatmeal(even gf), turkey, beans and more. The camp I am attending doesn't help a lot with food issues. They just don't have the facilities to do this. I understand this. I took the time to drive up 1.5 hours each way to meet with the chef so that we each had a thorough understanding of where we stood. The only camp item that I may use is the microwave - not during busy times - and I must give them the food to be warmed. That is it at this point. So I am b
  4. Hi GWD Scouter and thanks for the welcome! Well, my son got his Den Chief Service Award tonight! It was great as he had no idea. He also got 3 eagle req. MB's and star rank. It was a great night! Unfortunately, 2 of the newly crossed boys left right away and I was unable to get a picture but will get one at the next meeting. Thanks for the suggestion about the picture. That is a great idea.
  5. Calico said, "I'd like to suggest, however, that in any case, if the Lad has earned the award, it be presented to him first at a Blue and Gold or Pack Meeting then acknowledged at a Court of Honor. Even though its a Boy Scout award, it's the result of the service he's provided to the Pack, and it seems much more appropriate for his first recognition to be in front of the lads in his Den, and their parents. I'd also suggest that the Scoutmaster and SPL be part of the ceremony when awarding the DCSA." Question for you, my son has fulfilled the requirements for the DCSA. The boys in the den
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