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  1. We have a Honor Guard that does the community flag ceremonies -- 1st High School Football game, 1st High School Basketball Game, Little League Opening day, Vetern's Day Ceremony, and we recently did the flag raising at the new firestation. We use 4 Webelos because you need the strentgh to hold the flags for a period of time. We do add a Wolf and a Bear for the sides, that we rotate. This gives a complete picture of the Cub Scout program. We're a small pack so there's not much of a disadvantage of doing this. We usually have to recruit members for our Guard. By the time everyone crosses o
  2. Hi, I've been putting together a video of pictures for our open house in September. The pictures our from the past year's scouting activities. My question is, what is a good song to use for Cub Scouts? I can't find the right song that fits. Thanks for the help.
  3. Hi, I come from a small pack that has never had big success with the popcorn sale. Last year was our best year, but only 2 scouts really sold. What are some best practices that other units use to help make the popcorn sale worth doing? Thanks
  4. This is the monthly guidelines we use for our dens. Tigers 1 Den Meeting 1 Go See It 1 Pack Meeting Wolves 2 Den Meetings 1 Go See It (Every 2 months) 1 Pack Meeting Bears 2 Den Meetings 1 Go See It 1 Pack Meeting Webelos 2 Den Meeting 1 Troop Meeting or Activity (optional for first years, but once they go to one...) 1 Go See It 1 Pack Meeting Go See It's are our Field Trips (Hikes Camp Outs, Fire Station Visits). Some are planned by the Pack, the rest by the Dens. Typically, the Go See Its will help the scouts earned an achievment credit an
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