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    Earning Eagle Scout with a felony

    Well, I will be a life scout for the rest of my life. I did make some bad decisions and I am truely sorry and I absolutely love the scout program. Scouts helped me with many different chalenges in life and then I stepped off of the path and went into drugs. To all of you who Google searched me, kudos. What I did and what I wanted to acomplish, sometimes it calls it quits. I do not deserve Eagle in my eyes and so there is not much more that I can do. I bid farewell to you all and hope that you may help annother like me somewhere down the line see the error and after so much work, not being able to complete it due to rash and often stupid actions.
  2. liperazs

    Merit Badge Sash

    Thanks for clearing that up, I'll have to take them off...
  3. liperazs

    Merit Badge Sash

    I am all in favor of getting a long sash. I grew to 6'3" and still growing I have all of my rank patches and scout camp patches on the back of my sash, is that right?
  4. liperazs

    Eagle Scout Letters of Recomendation

    The project was a retaining wall made of keystone blocks that protected the rear of a restroom facility at our local state park that would get flooded when the monsoonal storms came in and flooded the inner building. They were stacked in a stair fashion from 3ft to 5 ft and then with the help of my friend who is a welder put together a guardrailing using 2in aluminum railing with paint and primer that then had to be reinforced with re-bar about 13in down into the block itself. Then the front of the building was a steep slope of dirt rising to meet the concrete slab the bathroom facility was built on. With the help of my contracter who donated all of his time helping me finish the project leveled off the slope in a terrace and then placed keystone block at the start of the landing and backfilled the rest with river rock and cement (6 steps). At the end of the project I ended up using 300 keystone blocks, 45 ft. of railing, over 8 tons of bedding sand and 1,500lbs of mortar cement with a total of 213 hours of work. The Arizona State Park that the project was completed had a county appraisor come out along with the building inspector for the state parks and had the addition to the bathroom facilities apprasied at $300,000.00
  5. Hi there, maybe someone can help me out. I am currently working towards Eagle, I have the ES workbook completed with all of my signatures and photos for my project that was completed about 5 months ago apprasied at $300,000. I have the final paperwork to do before my EBoR and my best friend who is my SM's son finished his project last year and then started working on the letters of recomendation. He printed a form out that was in the letter form and sent them out. My question is on the workbook (pg.16 ver.2008) the 12 steps to Eagle (number six)"The council advancement comittee or its designee contacts the references on the ESRA by letter,form, or telephone checklist." and to include the refences on your application. So who is right and then is there a specific form letter that I need to send out or is the Council Advancement Comittee going to contact my references????
  6. liperazs

    Earning Eagle Scout with a felony

    wow guys you gave me a lot to chew on. But thank you for reading my dilema, I have a few things to talk to my PO about and yes I will say that my decisions in life have not shown an example of scout spirit and I do want to get back on that path. I do have several months til I faze out of the program so I do have some time to get there. I am 110% towards earning this and my setback is of my own fault and so I am going to deal with it. Its really great that we can have these resources to provide some feedback and not just a webpage. I am commited and I have been for the past 10+ years I have been in scouting and hopefully many more to come. Again thank you all for your contributions it has definatly helped.
  7. liperazs

    Earning Eagle Scout with a felony

    well I have 20 months till I turn 18 and first off thank you guys for helping me with this difficult situation. So basically what you guys have been saying is that I'm going to have to wait and keep my nose clean (which is my sole intension, I don't want to go back) I do not know if it will even show on my record, since I did not go to court and went straight through to juvinile probation. Will the EoBR have acsess to my criminal record? My last question is concerning the letters of recomendation, my mother and I have been fighting back and forth since my SM's son printed them out and sent them and then it staes in the Eagle Project workbook (pg 16-6 ver.2008) That I need to include the names and adresses and so forth on my ESR application Thank you again for allo your help, I am real glad that I joined.
  8. liperazs

    Earning Eagle Scout with a felony

    hey guys, I am charged with possesion with intent to sell on school property. I alos have been put on a long-term suspencion of three months, and I have then been removed from the school trying to get online schooling. I am on probation (1year)and I've gone through a rehabilitation program but I am not going to court since this is my first offence. To your questions about me living the scout oath and law, yes I do everyday and I am a dedicated scout who loves scouting with all of my heart and soul and if I have kid myself I would want him to be a scout and earn Eagle like I want to do so badly. Going through my merit badges working on my final paperwork I see all of my merit badges (27) and it made me smile and hurt because I am a good kid but I have mede some bad decisions. To the fourm questions, I couldent find anything on NESA or any of the Eagle help pages on the internet and I just had these few questions and this was the best place to find some help, isint this why there are fourms online, to help people (Law-Helpful?) and I'm just trying to get some help here since the Judicial system isint the best. Thank you for responding and providing some insight, Can you help?
  9. Hi there, I am a life scout who has been in scouting since tiger cubs in cub scouts. I now have all of my badges and my eagle project completed and now I have the final write up and the Eagle board of review. Unfortunatly I was reciently charged with a felony and I am quite distressed that if I go infront of the Eagle board I will be denied. If I can get some help with this subject it would be most helpful for me and my parents.