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    In our troop each patrol creates the menu and the campout grubmaster does the shopping. All menus must be approved by the scoutmaster. We make sure they are actualy going to be cooking. I had an older scout that wanted to bring pre cooked food for dinner. Review of the menu and shopping list is a must. Now the patrols all have a guests for the day or weekend. We split the adults between the patrols. This gives adults a chance to make sure that they are actualy rotating the duties as listed on the dutry roster. Plus it gives us a chance to interact with the patrol while it is functionin
  2. Attendance is always a problem. Parents and kids have to make choices. By having a fun and interesting program you will get pretty close to 100%. We have a new group of boys that bridged over in Feburary and 100% are going to summer camp. Two boys have each missed a campout. We also have boys that joined to troop a couple months later. They are all on the way to make first class in 1 year. We have a different theme for each month and do some sort of game that revolves around a skill. This keeps all the boys working on the basics. We have a transfer in boy that is a star scout th
  3. I have the book Jesus on the Scout Trail. There was a song book that went with it. I would like to have one or a copy. It had songs like little church in the wildwood in it.
  4. I have a copy of the book and would be happy to copy it and mail it to you. Please let me know if you still need a copy.
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