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  1. My 13 year old son didn't seem to have any problems. He mainly complained about some older scouts who wouldn't do any work in his patrol and also older scouts sleeping in when they were suposed to get the food for the patrol for Breckfest. All and all a good trip but he was a bit horrified by the scouts who were stealing patchs from other scouts. He was glad they had MPs around. He says he wants to go again but I told him this time I want to go to.
  2. My only question is that I understand the conventional wisdom that you should approch one or two candidates one on one but how do you know who would be a good candidate. As a cubmaster I am usually so busy at the meetings with the kids I am lucky to know the first names of the parants let alone who would make a good treasurer or Assistant cubmaster. Our pack is going down hill fast because of a lack of leaders there are only 2 to 3 people running everything and we are to busy trying to keep everything going to be chatting up the parents.
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