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  1. I've been conducting BSA training for some time. I'm a Pack Trainer so I've participated in the Trainer Development Conference several times as a trainee and trainer. I've recently been elected as a District Committee member-at-large so I'm taking the District Committee Training Workshop (Basic Leader Training for District Committee members) this weekend. What, if any, are Basic Leader Training requirements for a District Training Committee Chair or Member that National, your council, or district?
  2. oten boten little doten itten bitten little ditten ish billy oten doten bo bo ski deeten dotten wah dot enchew credit: a Rhode Island Scout camp used by Hatboro (PA) Troop 3 forever
  3. For some other opinions see the following. http://www.philly.com/mld/inquirer/news/editorial/5981415.htm http://www.philly.com/mld/inquirer/news/columnists/5985552.htm
  4. You could ask COL Council Scout Executive Bill Dwyer, but he is in an awkward position here, being paid by Irving to support the Council volunteers. As one on those volunteers I only speak for myself, but I have heard the opinion of others and I have some understanding of area politics. The Council includes Philadelphia and two suburban counties, Delaware and Montgomery. Philadelphia is primarily Democratic. Suburban county voters are primarily registered Republican, but, being well educated and affluent, tend to vote for Democrats as often, if not more than, Republicans. (The area has vote
  5. Here's what one of the 'rank & file' had to say in news:rec.scouting.issues at news:bb636002k0f@enews1.newsguy.com. "We Philadelphia area Scouters have discussed this issue a great deal over the last few years. Some expressed the view that homosexuals are immoral and have no place in Scouting. (I suspect many of those fear the 'affect' a respected gay man may have on their son.) Others have stated that 'sexual orientation' doesn't matter. "I believe that Scouting 'happens' within the patrol (or den) and unit. A unit committee should determine its own policy about the 'sexual orientatio
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