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  1. Requirement 4: "While a Life scout, serve actively for a period of six months" in one or more of the listed positions of responsibility. It doesn't have to be the six months just before he gets Eagle. Did he fulfill this requirement at anytime while he was a Life scout? If so there should be no impediment to his getting Eagle Thanks Im afraid several of our boys have given up for awhile because the scoutmaster has everyone believing if they arent participating at that very moment they arent qualified. We had almost resigned ourselves to the recourse he would have to wait until he got a di
  2. My son is going to have a very tough Scout Master Conference for Eagle, as his scout master doesnt like him, and the feeling is mutual. Could use with some advise as to how to deal with a potential negative Scout Master Conference. I will get right down to the facts of the matter. Sorry if this takes a while but I want you to get a full picture. -Son Started shortly before 13th birthday,very gung ho, extremely active in everything scouts. Great scoutmaster dealt well with him. -Had Some documented memory problems and ADHD that caused him to be pretty wild and forgetful, enough so that i
  3. Is their a certain number of temporary patches that can be worn on the back of the sash or just keep it within reason. Also I notice some of the boys wear their sash draped over their belt instead of on the shoulder. Is that ok? I understand why they do it, the darn things dont always want to stay on the shoulder
  4. I just want to give some encouragement to those parents where their son is in a frustrating troop situation. Just a quick background. My son was barely 13 when he joined his troop. Never had experience in scouting before but was very enthusiastic. He wasn't an angel thats for sure but he is a total outdoor nut and was excited to be able to do all the great activities he had been told about. Reality sets in - A very clickish troop with what I found to be very unscoutlike older boys. He was treated as a new 10 or 11 year old crossover by the boys who were only a few months older than him because
  5. Our troop gives patches for 50; 150; 250 hours of community service. Can we add these to the bottom of the merit badge sash?
  6. Thanks SueM, Question #1 its suppose to be boy run, most of the older scouts all graduated last year and so we have very young leaders. #2 the adults are trained and I really believe they do a good job except for not disciplining the boys, which they say they can't do. #3 - I am in the process of getting the training, luckily the troop has no problem with women on campouts (thats another reason I like the troop) I go on quite a few of the campouts, in fact thats probably why I recognize just how rude the boys are is because I am around them so much. Unlike some parents whom you never
  7. Ok folks, my son has been in scouting for less than a year and we have no experience before that. So I need advise. The troop he is in has approximately 25 boys. Half of the boys are 14-16 year olds they have been in scouting together since Tigers. A few of the boys are really good kids; most are ok kids but I would say 80% of these older boys are totally embarrased to be seen in a scout uniform, they take every opportunity to take off the uniform they can, even during meetings we have to stop and tell them 3-4 times to button their shirt, or tuck it in or put it back on. They show up to funct
  8. I would love to go to summer camp but I dont have that much vacation that i would be able to go. Besides I didn't know I could really go? What would I be doing while there. We just got back from our first Court of Honor. A few of the scouts were telling about their experience at the National Jamboree.Said they really had a great time, and then laughed about the announcement on their 2nd day at camp of a severe weather advisory for 35 mile an hour winds...heck in Kansas thats just a normal windy day. Our first campout with the troop is this weekend. We will see how that goes.
  9. I sure hope this scouting thing is a good idea. My son just recently in the past 3 months joined scouts, from all accounts I really think our troop is a good one, everyone is friendly, helpful,courteous, kind... oh wait a minute thats the law isnt it. :-) He is very excited about it all so much so he has dedicated 1 hour a day into working on his advancements and badges etc., and secretly I guess I am too. As a single parent I have made it my goal that he would never miss out on any of that guy stuff, we fish, camp, etc, etc but he is one of those high adventure kids that wants to experience
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