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  1. Our Troop uses a plastic file folder box (available at just about any office supply store). Inside this box is are individual folders for each and every scout (and Assistant Scoutmaster) in the troop. Into that folder goes ALL communication handouts, permission slips, info on summer camp, etc., This accomplished two things. 1) puts more responsibility on the boys shoulders to check their folder. 2) Gives you ground to stand on when an upset parent calls, wanting to know why their son was not informed about last weekends outing... All you have to do is ask if their son retrieved his informat
  2. Adults should not track down boys. Our PLC makes a point of having at least one troop meeting per month where 1/2 of the meeing is spent on advancement. This also allows the advancement chair opportunity to review the books and update our Troopmaster Software database. I would make a point of putting the boys on notice that it is their responsiblity to get with an assistant scoutmaster when they feel they are ready for signoff... Last suggestion... when you finish an outing that you know can get some boys signed off on a particular requirement, make sure the PLC focuses on gett
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