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  1. I definitely agree with "jmcquillan" in that if it didn't work it wouldn't still be here. Our Klondike was just this past weekend and two of my friends and I slept outside the night before at our station. The temperature dropped down to -25 degrees F (I'm from northern Minnesota, and no I'm not kidding :-) and we didn't really even build much of a shelter. It was a basic windbreak and we were all wearing wool pants (mind you, we are all under 21 so wool isn't just for Grandpa) and none of us got the least bit cold. Even if you are in an area that the snow is a bit wet, put a pair of fatigu
  2. The way I understand the Scouting System, a boy is supposed to bring his book to the adult leader for signing - the leader shouldn't have to go looking for the boys to sign the books off, Right? Our Committee Chair is trying to put the adult leaders at fault for the lack of advancment in the troop by saying that we haven't asked the boys for their books. Please help me clear this up. Am I just getting it wrong?
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