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  1. Here's another side of the small troop challenge: As a roundtable commissioner I often hear from Scoutmasters of small troops that they can't use the patrol method because on troop activities, not enough Scouts show up to function as complete patrols. They then form a "provisional patrol" with no real trained leadership or organization, and the adults end up running things. My advise is to form a single patrol, even if there are a dozen Scouts in it. Elect a Patrol Leader, and start working on your participation and recruiting, then, if successful, reorganize as a multi-patrol troop. You will always have challenges that aren't described exactly in BSA literature. That's when you have to use some creativity. Just remember, your goal is to eventually bring the troop in line with the methods of Scouting. Art Franz
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    Campaign hats

    I've had two campaign hats for many years. One is dusty, scruffy, and been rained on many times. It has a brim that is curled up front and back, and has an old rattlesnake band and an old Philmont pin in the front vent hole. It has a lot of character. My other hat is kept in perfect condition for more formal occasions by storing it in a rain cover inside an old style hat press. The hat press is made of 1/8" Masonite. The back panel is a solid rectangle with a 1/2" hole near the top center. The front panel is the same size with a "U" shaped cutout at the top for the crown. Between the front and back panels, at the sides and bottom are 1/2" wide strips of the same 1/8" Masonite. The three layers are glued together. Good Luck, Art Franz