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  1. It appears that since the last Troop Committee meeting that I no longer have the confidence of its members. Not sure exactly why, but that is what I got out of things. It seems that I have offended those members whose boys are part of the troop junior leadership and have also been the root of most of the problems in the troop concerning the lack of teamwork, unacceptable personal interaction between the boys in the troop, and thier refusal to accept any of the responsibility in thier junior leadership rolls in the troop. So, I have offered my resignation and it was accepted by the maj
  2. I agree with all, but oust the mother and suspend the boy. If he wishes to return, the let it be without mom, otherwise, he doesn't return. As far as the form letter, the first written can (and usually does in our troop) become the "form" for all subsequent letters of the same nature. None of us like to do things more than once.
  3. ASM7, Thanks, I did get to the website. I brought up the idea at the TC meeting and they thought it was a great idea. The CC even said he knew a couple of ladies (and gentlemen) that would be willing to help us out with this. Rooster7, I also like your rewrite of the rules too. I have not had the time yet to put my imagination to it, but I think there are a lot of good ideas coming out of this.
  4. It was suggested earlier that this could possibly be an eagle requirement, but that was all, no discussion. And I agree that ASM7's troop has a good approach, but I disagree that it could or should be considered strictly "military." Dinner parties and gatherings have been going on outside the military since who knows when and proper behavior and manners were expected of those participants just the same. The military just put it in writing and made this part of their program. I see nothing wrong with taking this program from the military and reworking it to fit our situation by
  5. Bob White Glad to hear you are all well. What a vacation! Wow, 18 days. The last time I was off work that long, I was looking for a job! By the way, I may not have caught that if we hadn't discussed it a bit earlier in the thread. It just seems to me that if BSA thought it was important enough to create a merit badge for one thing (Family Life) that should be taught in the home (and obviously hasn't been), then maybe they should take a look at this one. I thnk we all agree that proper ettiquette is important, we all just have different ideas (and some darned good ones at th
  6. ASM7 Wonderful aproach. I will check out the website. Pretty much just the thing I was looking for. Thanks for your post! You wouldn't happen to have this ettiquette class written down where you could email it to me would you?(This message has been edited by scoutmaster424)
  7. I see it, but I don't know if it makes it right. I have no idea what the BSA policy was on this issue at the time of those drawings and photos. According to todays insignia guide as Fscouter quotes, some of these are acceptible and some are not. I am not changing my position, but I think I will bring this up at the troop committee meeting tonight and see what they have to say about the issue.
  8. Hey, Bob White, Does the Family Life Merit Badges expose the boy to a hobby, career or recreational activity? Seems to me it deals with life skills. Haven't seen you post lately, hope everything is well with you.(This message has been edited by scoutmaster424)
  9. Yeah, but I guess you could put the boys in an environment where they would have fun, but the parent might have reservations about thier son being there. Even at a place like a Boy Scout Summer Camp. One of the complaints from a few parents on parents night was the rudeness of the lady at the front desk when they came in. One parent said that if she had let that first impression guide her, her son would have gone home with her. So it doesn't take much for people to think something is unsuatable for thier child.
  10. Don't have a bible handy, but weren't the letters to Corinthia written after the time of Christ? And don't you have to know the author's definition of short? Way off the subject now!(This message has been edited by scoutmaster424)
  11. I was told the reason for Family night is so the parents see the camp and to make them feel they want to send their son there next year. I think the best I've seen is the camp had family night on Friday. They were invited for dinner ($6 seemed steep for a piece of chicken or two andsome mashed potatoes and salad.), a tour of the camp and closing campfire. At closing campfire the troops paraded into the ampetheater(?) with the Troop being announced along with SM and SPL. Each troop that was performing skits, etc did their thing and the parents were there to see. If homesickness overtook
  12. Eagle74 - I can see why you are proud of the facility. It looks great and was run well for their first year. Do we know each other? Maybe I will see you at Peterloon!
  13. Acco40 Don't know that I can disagree with what you said nor do I think I want to. As I recall, the MCJROTC wear their hats everywhere. I've never seen them in church. Except to say that I was brought up that men uncover in church and women do not (except in a synagogue and I have no experience there). I admit, I don't have all the answers to this one. But I think as time permits, I will persue it a bit further. I have yet to hear from the Lt. Col. in charge of the MCJROTC at the High School.
  14. acco40, I like it when you play this way! Since being in an arena such as this would pose a unique set of circumstances, I would first have to consult Emily Post (but let's not go there). And since you are presenting me the scenario of the hats being requested worn, I would first have to ask the promoter his opinion (but that shouldn't matter). And since the color guard would more than likely start out in the tunnel (indoors), and I would want to do it "by the book," My first thought would be to have them not wear their hats. But I have seen this at a hockey game in the First
  15. Left for Summer Camp at Camp Friedlander last Sunday (one hour from home). Everyone fine, busy fisrts day at camp. Weather was hot and humid (heat ndex over 100 for 2 1/2 days). At about 2AM Monday morning, I had a scout (15 years old and the oldest in the troop) crying that he couldn't sleep and his stomach hurt. I told him I would take him to the medical lodge, wake up the medics, and have him checked out. He refused. I told him to just go back to his tent and try to go to sleep that with the heat and humidity everyone was having trouble sleeping. He did. His tentmate told me he
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