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  1. Yes it wasn't enough because you didn't answer my specific question, you just listed another unbased assumption of my character. Typical Liberal. Crawdaddy whenever possible and use Gang up as major weapon......... Not much on your own. If I transgressed-- show me how to do it to where the wolf pack would approve. I didn't think so-- so you all can let this thread die and pick sombody new to rat pack.
  2. My education is still incomplete. My question is still unanswered..... How do you want it to be put "Nicely"??How would I put it to a scout asking me a question on the subject?? There must be some reason the word Gay got everyone all hot and bothered.everyone said a reference to a gay designer was unacceptable or verbal rough treatment--you tell me how to do it "Acceptable". Tell me what I should have said--Or are you going to do the typical Liberal crawdaddy?? I'm waiting...........(This message has been edited by Kawidaphoenix)(This message has been edited by Kawidaphoenix)
  3. OK Sherm then educate me-- how should I refer to a gay person when a youth asks me something along those lines? I feel that using the term that they use for themselves was socially acceptable.
  4. You know Sherm, That Teenager was the first to resort to name calling by calling me a smartass. AND he posted things without reading my post thouroughly. He read things into what I was saying.I set him straight-no more no less. Now By the way this thread is reading it seems like we are adults here, and one question has nagged me all day--- Using the title of this thread--How Far is too far?? Using the premis that you guys that ganged up on me used, I'm supposed to be all touchy feely about gay people right?? Well answer me this one--what other sexual freaks are we supposed to cater to?
  5. Kawidaphoenix, I suggest that you read the "Religion/Sexuality" topic in Issues and Politics. You will be surprised to learn that a lot of the people who whomped you are actually quite conservative. Yeah boy they sure look conservative. Bleeding hearts ALWAYS have ganged up-- their ideas don't stand merit on their own. They have always used the group "Scream Down" policy to it's fullest. I've noticed by reading various posts, it's the same Ones always doing the ganging up.Just like real life.
  6. While I do not go out of my way to bash gay people, and normally it is a non issue. But if they set themselves up, you have to take a shot. If the gay person in question is not wearing makeup, girls clothes, or using a pronounced lithp, I wouldn't take any shots. But if they combine any of the above I have no choice. Man you really screwed up now. These guys are gonna turn on you like a rabid pack of wolves. Just like they did me. Bleeding heart liberals usually run in packs that way. Can't battle for themselves for their convictions, they gotta gang up for the kill. KP
  7. That belt is more or less a symbol of honor as much as any patch you would wear on your uniform,so I would say wear it with pride to your board or COH. Totally acceptable.
  8. No Nick, What we have here is a 50 year old man making a 17 year old smartass show his ignorance of the world. Here is a direct quote from my post: "Well in my opinion, scouts are not going to really like wearing the uniform in public,and around girls, until the powers that be quit making them wear uniforms that look like they were designed by some Gay fashion designer." You see those 3 little words after the word "Uniform"?? I'll help you out some as you don't seem to retain read words very well, "THAT LOOK LIKE" are those 3 words-- Not the "UNIFORM WAS" designed.... I was using
  9. Well Nick, if you were a little more mature than 17,and had been around some you would realize that "Gay" is how homosexuals WANT to be addressed.Just like black people want to be referred to as African American.And I didn't say your shirt itself was gay, I said they looked like they were designed by a gay person.I am 50 years old, and i have NEVER seen two shirts trying to have sex with each other. Reading comprehension must not be your strong suit. I think Calico hit the nail on the head with his observation that they should look at the outdoor uniforms of some government agencies for
  10. Sherminator-- No need to bite your tongue, say it man!! I am an adult, I can take it. Repression of thoughts induce ulcers...... I agree the crusher cap was a VERY good design, and the Campaign hat was the Opitome of cool. Nick-- I've been in scouting since the 60's. I was a normal young man in every respect, and I KNOW that every guy I knew that was in Scouts got a little self concious when the Head Chearleader type girl came around while he was in uniform,and MANY felt like crawling inna hole-- a very natural reaction for pre and pubescent males when they think they are not at t
  11. Well Nike, I was always taught, If the Shoe Fits....... If You are Gay(I coulda used a multitude of other words for it that weren't near as nice as "Gay"), and offended, Then I hate that for you. Scouting has no place for the Gay culture-it goes against EVERYTHING Scouting is supposed to stand for.Gay tolerance should definitely NOT be taught to Youngsters that many times are not old enough to form an educated opinion of their own. REMEMBER-- Adult Scout leaders are Many times the only MALE adult figure these kids have in their lives.If That offends you-- Sorry about your luck. I HAD a frien
  12. Well in my opinion, scouts are not going to really like wearing the uniform in public,and around girls, until the powers that be quit making them wear uniforms that look like they were designed by some Gay fashion designer.What ever happened to the normal green uniform,with the sidecap,and Boy Scouts of America over the pocket??Also having the normal looking rank badges,Pocketless sleeves,and boots?? These are trademark scouting gear, not the semi Gay garb of today. I saw uniforms go down hill when the issed that fruity red beret in the 70's.It has never started an upward climb since. I say le
  13. Issues I am looking for: S51 2006 Service Corps S57 World Jambo S60 2008 Conclave S65 2009 Conclave ES2009-1 Spring Fellowship 2009 ES2007-2 Spring Fellowship 2007 Es2008-1 Spring Fellowship 2008 Numbers from oaimages website http://www.oaimages.com/480.shtml?tn=1&tt= (This message has been edited by Kawidaphoenix)
  14. I Might be able to fix you up. If you find the patch Number on the reference site (oaimages) or can send me a scan of the patch, it will help. early 70's- late 80's was my youthful scouting career time, so I may have it.
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