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  1. After a couple of years of hearing pro-gay and anti-gay Scouting issues, and observing well-meaning Scouters endlessly ranting about the evil Gays and their "sexual orientation" in front of the boys, I come to this conclusion: Up-tight anti-gay Scouters are obsessed with sex! Yes, I said that. What aspect of the Scouting program can you name that promotes heterosexual activity, and points out the evils of homosexuality? None! Why? Boy Scouts don't have a sexual orientation. We don't preach sexual orientation. Heterosexual public displays of affection are inappropriate and
  2. We as Scouts hold ourselves to a higher level of integrity - not just trust. Setting your own moral standards to achieve your business or political aims is far more deleterious in Scouting because it establishes the premise that morality and ethics are only for followers - not leaders. So, what again are the Aims of Scouting? We tell our boys with the deepest of sincerity that as they become Eagles, they will be held to a higher standard - and will be expected to behave better than those who didn't experience Scouting. Yet we continue to live our lives in a culture of greed and one-on-
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