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  1. DanKroh- If a Dr will state that your scout will not learn to swim then you need to apply for an alternate requirement. There is a form to fill out, and signed by a DR then submitted to council. The form is available at www.wwswd.org
  2. What we finalized was that the Advancement Chair would take care of submitting and tracking the response from Council. That way we have a paper trail of the changes made. We stressed at Committee that they needed approval before work started. Our Troop meeting was last night and Mom was speaking to the ASM when I got to her. She has a meeting with our Council exec on Monday and he's hoping to hear back from National before then. We also agreed that if the scout attends a Merit badge class he will be awarded a certificate stating something to the effect that he worked on the requ
  3. Had our Committee meeting last night and the Mom attended. We finalized the steps to adjust rank requirements. Then started discussing Merit badges. She is mad that we can't make adjustments to Merit badge requirements. Long story, short - a Committee member suggested that we award the scout with a certificate stating that he "tried" the merit badge. Not sure if she agrees with that yet, she's going to call Council. Nlds, does that troop have a web site? I would love to have someone she can correspond with or even some kind of information to reference with other LD kids involve
  4. We are very fortunate that we have a school employee that specializes in LD as an ASM. He has been working with this boy and parents. Excellent quotes EagleInKy thanks for those, we'll get the book (I checked at the scout store and they are expecting a shipment next week) I like this quote especially and I may use it tonight. Some background: according to the ASM this scout has the mental capacity of a three year old and barely speaks. So his parents know he can't do any of the requirements and that they all need to be adjusted. So they are trying to push him along. We nee
  5. Thanks ljnrsu! That's what I was missing. It's worded differently on the web page than on the actual application. I was blinded by my own insecurity.... I knew you guys would come through. God bless you!
  6. From the wwswd.org website - From the Advancement Committee Policy & Procedures: "Alternate Merit Badges for the Eagle Scout Rank. (page 43) 1. The Eagle Scout rank may be achieved by a Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, or qualified* Explorer who has a physical or mental disability by qualifying for alternate merit badges. This does not apply to individual requirements for merit badges. Merit badges are awarded only when all requirements are met as stated. 2. The physical or mental disability must be of a permanent rather than a temporary nature. 3. A clear and concise medical sta
  7. That seems to be the problem - we don't have anyone specializing in scouts with disabilities. I've scanned the website from Marin County and came to the same conclusion about fulfilling the requirements. I wish I could find a contact at National that could help out. We need a concrete reference point to make the requirements clear to the parents.
  8. Can anyone give me the ruling on Merit Badge requirements for scouts with learning disabilities? I know the Merit badges for Eagle can be substituted with others. Do the requirements have to be completed as stated? We are trying to get a concrete answer. In documentation I've read, the requirements for Tenderfoot, Second and First Class can be modified. It seems to me that while badges can be substituted, the requirements have to be completed as stated. Can anyone back this up? Thanks
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